Madrid Coronavirus Updates
Madrid Coronavirus Updates

Information on Coronavirus in Madrid

Updated April 4th 2020

Latest News

A total of 34,219 people recovered from the coronavirus in Spain up to April 4th 2020

A slight decline in the number of infected persons in Spain since the start of the epidemic

5 days left until total lockdown ends for all non-essential workers on April 9th 2020, while lockdown for the rest will last until further notice

Trillions of euros in aid to support businesses and individuals in Spain; many countries have announced

It is necessary to follow governmental restrictions in
Madrid and minimise your social interactions to prevent the deadly virus from spreading. It’s important not to panic but it’s also very important to be careful.

If you are stuck in a hotel room in a foreign country, we also gathered all the information about airports, public transport, and attraction information on one page in order to make things a little easier for you.

Governmental restrictions to follow in Madrid

Spain enters its 4th week of near-total lockdown with a strengthening of measures on Sunday, March 29th 2020.

Get an overview of the current coronavirus precautions in Madrid and in Spain by clicking on their Ministry of Health page.

Here are the key takeaways and rules to follow set by the Spanish Government, which apply in Madrid as well as in other cities in the country. Please visit the official website of the Spanish Government to see if any changes have been made or sign up here with your email in order to receive a notification with all updates.

  • Strict restrictions of movement of people and goods, and most commercial activity
  • Every person in Spain, including citizens of other counties, is restricted from movement outside their home, other than to buy food within a restricted amount of time, or to go to a hospital or health centre for work
  • All shops other than those selling food and medicine remain closed since March 14th 2020
  • Students as well as international students are to work and study remotely from their homes with no announcement about final exams or commencement yet
  • Companies must still pay employees in full and workers will have to make up the hours by the end of the year

Every citizen must comply with the above-stated measures. The relevant authorities are given the right to enforce them through fines and dispersing gatherings.

Travel Information

Spanish authorities advise against travelling. Madrid airport is open yet operating on a restricted schedule. Toughening of border controls are in place.

Travel to airports to leave Spain are permitted, however, travellers may be asked to show valid proof that they are leaving the country.

  • As of March 23rd 2020, only Spanish citizens, those with proof that they are citizens of Spain, frontier workers, health workers and those who can prove that they need to enter Spain for essential reason will be allowed to enter Spain through airport, land borders and ports
  • All land borders remain open for those leaving Spain, however, travel is not recommended at this time unless there is an essential reason for it
  • All hotels across Spain are closed, as one of the latest measures introduced under the state of emergency, however some hotels and short-stay accommodation will remain open for those travellers who find themselves stuck in the country unable to return to their home country, but must close by March 26th 2020

Official websites are doing a great job at keeping travellers well-updated and at providing the latest information. You can read about the impact of coronavirus on your travel arrangements on the official websites of Madrid’s airports.

Check with your airline company to find out about any alterations of your travel plans. The Spanish Government advises all passengers to avoid long-distance travels unless absolutely necessary.

Find out more here:

  • Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

    *You can only travel from Terminal 4
    *You may only travel for urgent reasons (with exceptions established in Article 7 of Royal Decree 46/2020
    *For more info read here

  • Iberia Airline Company

    Guidelines have been set for those who have purchased a ticket on flights operated by Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum; travellers have the possibility to request a voucher for the amount of the ticket

Public Transport

It is advised not to use public transport at this time such as buses, underground metro or trains unless absolutely essential, especially those over the age of 60 and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Keep up to date on public transit here:

Train services on lines with stations close to hospitals, health centres are prioritised and only lines 8 and 11 do not have a station close to a medical building. Madrid Regional Health Department may extend a greater need for people travelling to health centres, in which case train drivers will cooperate to cater this need.

Metro staff are available to help while the underground station is open. Those travelling must spread themselves along the platform and inside the trains.

Madrid Attractions

All attractions in Madrid are temporarily closed.

If you are staying in Madrid for a longer period of time you might still enjoy some of these attractions after they are open again. Here is the list of Madrid’s main iconic attractions and their official websites with the latest updates:

All attraction websites update the information about when they will be open again on their websites. Please check these websites regularly to stay tuned.

What to do while currently in Madrid

  • Food delivery

Restaurants are closed but that doesn’t need to prevent you from trying delicious food and keeping your body fuelled and healthy. You can visit Glovo Madrid and UberEats or other delivery websites, pick anything you have cravings for and have it delivered to your location.

  • Watch a Spanish-themed movie

If you can’t explore the city because of the restrictions, you can watch a Spanish movie instead! We all know that feeling when we watch a movie, we see a scene filmed where we’ve been and we scream ‘I’ve been there!” How about watching a movie about Madrid while you are in Madrid? It suddenly changes your current experience of the city. Here is a list of the 30 best Spanish language movies of all time.

  • Get some fresh air on your balcony or take a very quick walk around your premises when permitted

All social interaction in Madrid is temporarily banned and all public places, parks and gardens in Madrid are currently closed to the public until further notice.

Although social distancing during these times is very important, going outdoors for some fresh air and a quick walk are just as important for our health. We suggest talking a very quick walk around your living premises when the time permits, making use of your backyard if you have one or simply going on your balcony more frequently during the day.

The entire LuggageHero team wishes you good health and positive vibes.

It’s important that we all follow the measures set by the authorities and protect ourselves and others. By social distancing and taking care of our hygiene, we are lessening the change of the virus spreading. Every individual matters. If coronavirus spreads this fast, imagine how contagious some love and a smile are?


Once the situation is safe again and we are ready to explore and travel again, check our luggage storage Madrid guide and LuggageHero sites in Madrid.