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We certify shops for your safety

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Your safety and security is our priority. That’s why we have local LuggageHero employees review all our shops in London, New York City and Copenhagen.

Every LuggageHero site is inspected so that we can ensure the safety of your belongings and so that you can feel safe personally. The local shop is on a contract with LuggageHero to live up to set of specific quality standards when storing the luggage. Furthermore, they are subject to continuous quality control carried out by LuggageHero, including the use of mystery shoppers and follow-up reviews by travelers.

When storing luggage with LuggageHero, we guarantee that:

  • All items will be carefully stored away from public access and are insured.
  • All storage personnel have been instructed on how to handle and store your luggage.
  • Stored items will be secured with our custom security seal, which is provided in all our shops.
  • Storage personnel have been instructed on the procedure of not receiving direct cash payments. All payments are made directly in the web app for your safety.

These strict rules are set in place for your safety. If you ever experience any deviations from the above-mentioned criteria, don’t hesitate to reach out at or our 24-7 Chat support (found in right corner)