Want to visit Copenhagen Street Food? this is how you do it.

Do you know what? Copenhagen Street food is a must visit when travelling to Copenhagen. You should go there and have amazing drinks, food from all over the world and you would leave with your new favourite meet up location.

What you wouldn’t do, is being held back from going there just because it is your arrival or departure day, there are plenty of left luggage storage opportunities around inner Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Street food is located at Papirøen just across the Royal Danish Playhouse. This is an excellent location to meet up and have a few drinks or have a meal from one of their various foodstands.

You wouldn’t have thought that this place would give you access to foodstands serving meals and drinks from almost any part of the world.

Including all vegan and vegetarian fusion cousins based in the traditional Columbian kitchen.

And if you thought that was something dig in an ostrich burger with sweet potato fries and why not have a fresh homemade cold juice on the side. If you are curious about what they can offer you go visit copenhagenstreetfood.dk.

Don’t fear the word “foodstand”. You will be able to consume top of the art meals from these small restaurants and there are plenty of seatings indoor.

This is a great place to begin your trip to Copenhagen, because if you visit it to late, you’ll feel sorry about not having enough time to enjoy the place. It actually deserves several visits, as you would want to have a taste of almost everything there.

With foodstand located indoors there’s no reason to let bad weather hold you back from going there.

Transportation to Copenhagen Street food

The Inner Harbour Bridge from Nyhavn will get you there in a heartbeat, take a left when you get across the water, follow the beats from the dj.

From Christianshavn you would just follow the water towards the Royal Danish Opera House. You’ll defiantly notice the sound of joyful people having a drink or two as you get closer. Just to give you an overview:

  • 10 min walk from Nyhavn by via Inderhavnsbroen – a footbridge also for cyclists.
  • 3 min walk from 9A stop on Prinsessegade/Bodenhoffs plads – You can find bus 9A at   Vesterport st. and Copenhagen Central station.
  • 10 min walk from the Opera by Proviantbroen – a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians
  • 15 min walk from Christianshavn Metro – connected to Copenhagen Airport
  • 5 minutes by bike from Højbro plads
  • 15 min walk from Kongens Nytorv Metro – connected to Copenhagen Airport

In doubt how to get there, use a journey planner. It will easy and free of charge show you the quickest route to your destination.

Open from monday to Wednesday from 12pm – 9pm and thursday to sunday from 12pm – 10pm.

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October 23, 2017