Discovering Japan – tourism statistics
Discovering Japan – tourism statistics
Last updated: Nov 4, 2020 · 3 min read

Japan in numbers – tourism statistics

Have you ever visited Japan? Famously known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is an island country with a population of over 126 million inhabitants. It’s probably on your bucket list of places to visit, or maybe you’ve achieved that dream and visited the country before.

Japan, combining both modernity and tradition, is one of the dream destinations for so many. Culture, cuisine, technology, history, architecture, and astonishing nature are waiting for you in Japan!

Today at LuggageHero, and after doing some research, we bring you some interesting statistics about tourism in Japan for you to enjoy. Keep on reading to discover more about tourism in Japan!


Japan’s prefectures

The country is divided into prefectures, an administrative jurisdiction. There are 47 prefectures in total. The most visited prefecture is Tokyo, followed by Osaka:

  • Tokyo has over 66 million visitors per year
  • Osaka counted 39 million visits
  • Hokkaido, third in the list, has 35 million visitors
  • The prefecture of Okinawa comes next with 26 million visits
  • Lastly, Chiba, with 25 million visitors

Who visits Japan?

The countries that visit Japan the most are China, followed by Korea and Taiwan:

  1. China, as we said, is first in this list, with 9.594.394 visits to Japan, a 30.1% of the international visits
  2. Korea, coming second, with 5.584.597 visitors, a 17.5%
  3. Taiwan, with 4.890.602 visits, a 15.3%
  4. Other Asian countries, with countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, accounting for 4.458.893 visits, a 14% of the international travelers
  5. Hong Kong, with 2.290.792 of the international visits, a 7.2% of the international visits
  6. North America with 2.187.557 visitors, a 6.9% of the international visits
  7. Europe travelers, from countries like Spain, Germany, and France: 6.2%, being that 1.986.529 visits
  8. Oceania region (Australia and New Zealand) with 721.718 vistis, a shy 2.3%
  9. South America and Africa, with a 111.200 (0.3%), and 55.039 (0.2%) visits respectively


Travelers’ motivation to visit Japan

Why do people travel to Japan? Let’s take a look at the numbers from this survey to find it out!

A total of 4684 people responded to this survey, from countries like the USA, France, Canada, Australia, and Singapore, among others.

  • 43% of the respondents traveled to Japan on a leisure trip
  • Only 7% was there for a business trip
  • 6% of the visitors traveled to Japan to visit family
  • 25% of the travelers were moving to Japan!
  • 18% of the respondents had no trip planned when they visited Japan


Did you know any of these facts? Something has surprised you?


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