Let’s lift some more weight together!
Let’s lift some more weight together!
Last updated: Dec 21, 2023 · 3 min read

Let’s lift some more weight together!

Hello partner of LuggageHero. 

The tourism sector is booming! People around the world are finally able to travel again to their dream destinations and everywhere in between.

With so many people flying this year, you know what that means: A LOT MORE LUGGAGE. Which also means, a lot more luggage storage! 

Not only that, but we’re seeing a very interesting trend emerge. You might know that there are huge problems with airports handling luggage because of higher volume and staff shortages. You’ve likely seen the images of lost or mishandled luggage piled up in airports around the world. Because of this, more people than ever are not checking in luggage and instead are carrying smaller bags onto the planes.

These people with “small” bags think they can move freely around a city while they’re waiting to check in to their rentals or after they’ve checked out. But what they are realizing is that dragging around even a small to medium bag all day is no fun. So now even more people than ever are using LuggageHero for all sizes of luggage.

We are happy to come to their rescue! We’re putting a huge effort into adding new storage locations and launching new cities. Our goal is to reduce the weight of travel around the world!


Here’s how we can help each other even more

Do you know someone who would benefit from recommending luggage storage locations to their guests? If so, tell them to sign up to become our partner and have a chance to share in the revenue. Be assured that anyone who signs up would receive all the support they need from us to give their guests a 5-star luggage experience. We’ll show them how LuggageHero works, optimize their performance, and help them contribute to unforgettable experiences for their travelers around the world. For doing this, you would get a 5% revenue share of the bookings they generate by the end of 2022.



Sign up for free to become a partner


Mention us in communication with your guests


Receive commission for each paid booking


Provide your guests with a 5* experience



  • 3.5M+ Bag storage hours
  • 417K+ Users
  • 70 Cities
  • 766+ Storage locations


Where can I find the tracking link for referring potential partners?

The Partner Referral tracking link can be found in your HasOffers account, in the Reports section, under the Referral Report tab.

Will the partners I refer get a discount code too?

Yes, we will offer them a personalized discount code that grants their visitors 2 hours free in any of our luggage storage locations.

How will the referred bookings be tracked, so I can get my commission?

Your Partner Referral tracking link with make the connection between your HasOffers account and the partner you referred. The bookings are tracked by the individual tracking links and the commissions are attributed to both accounts (the one that generated the booking + the one that referred that account), depending on the agreet percentages.

Does the partner I refer need to focus the activity in the same city I do?

No, there is no geo-limitation for Partner Referrals. They can be anywhere around the world.

Why are you even doing this?

We see the demand and we want to fulfill this need. As LuggageHeroes, that's what we always do.

If I still have any doubts, who can I write to?

Always feel free to reach out to us when there is anything we can clarify about partnerships. Just send an e-mail to Mihai (our Partnerships Hero) and he'll get back to you asap: mihai.cojocaru@luggagehero.com.