Mar 19, 2024 · 2 min read

A Surprising Success: The Journey of Queen of Queens Nails & Spa from Manicures to Luggage Storage

Paul, the general manager of Queen of Queens Nails & Spa in New York City, was surprised to receive an email from LuggageHero founder Jannik Lawaetz in May 2022.

Jannik knew there was a need for luggage storage in the redeveloped Hudson Yards area, so he contacted the store to see if they’d be interested in partnering with LuggageHero.

Paul had never heard of hourly luggage storage in shops but was intrigued.

 “Why don’t we try it,” he told his business partner. “There’s nothing bad about getting onboard, and it might lead to something.”

The partnership led to something – Queen of Queens is one of LuggageHero’s fastest-growing new locations.


Paul, Owner  Queen of Queens New York City, USA

 “Why don’t we try it,” he told his business partner. “There’s nothing bad about getting onboard, and it might lead to something.”

Paul attributes much to local referrals and the store’s proximity to Times Square and the Javits Center. The convention center is one of the most significant event venues in the United States. Queen of Queens is within walking distance of New York Broadway theaters, the Javits, and Hudson Yards.

The nail salon has a spacious greeting area with its soothing, light interior and high ceilings. Customers with multiple pieces of luggage can be easily accommodated.

Business took off immediately. They started expecting maybe 20 suitcases but even hit 80, thanks to brisk business at the Javits Center. They devoted even more space to luggage storage and can store up to 100 bags. Belongings are kept in a climate-controlled room, which customers with electronic equipment especially appreciate.

Initially, juggling staff to serve customers for the nail salon work and luggage storage was challenging, but they eventually got in the groove. Paul emphasizes customer relations, including simple things.

“We greet people when they come and go and try to give a warm feeling,” he said. “It’s also important that they don’t have to stand around and wait. Nobody has time for that.”

Paul said he and his staff put time and effort into their partnership with LuggageHero, which contributed to its success.

Paul and his partner are considering opening a second location. This time, luggage storage will be a factor up front.

“We’re hitting it,” he said. “So is LuggageHero.”