Mar 19, 2024 · 1 min read

From Souvenirs to Storage: Mahir Journey with LuggageHero in Copenhagen's Heart

Mahir is proud to be one of the longest-running LuggageHero “Heroes.” He currently stores luggage in two businesses in Copenhagen: Royal Souvenir and iBagel.

Mahir remembers when LuggageHero founder Jannik Lawaetz was going around town in 2016 to sign up the first-ever storage locations in Copenhagen. 

“I loved the idea,” Mahir said. “They made something out of nothing. Now people know about LuggageHero.”


His first LuggageHero location was Royal Souvenir, a Danish gift shop near the Amalienborg Palace in the heart of Copenhagen. Visitors can go inside the palace, one of the world’s oldest monarchies, and watch the changing of the guards outside at the palace square. It’s a busy area of town for tourists.

Three years ago, Mahir joined forces with the popular iBagel sandwich shop near the central train station to also sell souvenirs there. He also brought LuggageHero there, seeing an excellent opportunity to store luggage near a central transportation hub.

Some of Mahir’s most popular souvenir items are figurines of castles and houses, especially the famous colorful houses of Nyhavn, the city’s iconic harbor; silver jewelry; Viking-themed gifts; and refrigerator magnets.

The pandemic was challenging, he said, but he’s coming back, as is tourism. 

“I have a beautiful life. I’m a fighter.”