Best Travel Blogs Barcelona 2019
Best Travel Blogs Barcelona 2019
Last updated: Nov 11, 2019

The Top 20 Travel Blogs in Barcelona in 2019

After extensive research, we’re proud to announce the 20 best blogs you can find for travelling to Barcelona as of 2019!

The selection process…

Travelling is about experiencing the best of what a new city can offer and a great place to find inspiration is in blogs. However, it can be a jungle to navigate through the many blogs and content you can find online. Therefore, our team has scoured the internet looking for the best travel blogs in Barcelona.

The 20 blogs that have made the final list have been selected following a selection according to 4 criteria:

  • Quality of the content
  • The practicality of the tips and pieces of advice
  • Purpose of the blog
  • Originality

In this award, you will find talented photographers, skilled writers, wanderlust addicts, foodies, family travellers, and eco-friendly travellers. Additionally, it is necessary to mention that some websites awarded are not, strictly speaking, travel blogs. However, in every case, the usefulness of their tips or their great content have convinced us to include them.

All 20 blogs have made it as “Best 20 Travel Blogs in 2019” meaning the order is random.

We would like to congratulate all the bloggers that made the Top 20 thanks to their awesome work!


The nominated bloggers are more than welcome to put the following code on their website to use the badge and share their nomination with their readers!


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Forever Barcelona

ForeverBarcelona is a private tour company specializing in Barcelona tours, and we started our blog with the goal of providing lots of tips and ideas for our customers as well as other travellers who might not be able to take a private tour but will definitely benefit from our knowledge – and we love sharing our passion for Barcelona!
Barcelona has many faces, and we love discussing all of them in our blog: sometimes we share local traditions, some other times we make hotel or restaurant recommendations, we can discuss politics or history or offer travel tips that are specific for Barcelona such as travel or opening hours. We summarize information that would take hours of research to gather together and that is often not so easy to find on guide books. And our readers often say how useful our posts were to help them organize their trip beyond their touring with us. That makes us so proud!

Appetite and Other Stories

I come from a very food-friendly family, a lot of our time is spent talking about food, eating food or planning what to prep next. So I kind of have it in my genes. I started Appetite & other stories to recommend my favourite spots and hidden gems in my home town Barcelona that are not normally featured on the hip list and hight be flying under the radar.
I want to high light restaurants that have as a “mission” to serve good food. A lot of time I write about local cuisine and great experiences where the guest can interact and learn more about the food and culture.

Nomadic Matt

Matt is a true reference in travel blogging. This Boston native is a New York Times best-selling author thanks to his book on money-saving trips. After meeting backpackers in Thaïland, Matt realized that he wanted to dedicate his life to discovering the world full-time and hasn’t stopped travelling since. His blog is an extensive source of information for all types of traveller (Solo Female, Couples, Seniors etc.) thanks his experience of travelling to more than 80 countries in 12 years. This Barcelona Itinerary is a must-read.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is the go-to website for solo and female travel around the world for all women, by women. Kiki is a California native, who, not too long ago left her career in corporate finance to become a world traveller. Since quitting her job, she has travelled to over 70 countries and has knocked some big adventures off her bucket list.

Barcelona Eat Local

Barcelona Eat Local’s blog focuses mainly on gastronomy, the one that makes the city and the Catalan region so delicious. You will find the best places to eat, they will point you to family-run eateries at the most unique locations. As well, there is a wealth of information about Catalan cuisine, the main tapas you should eat when visiting Barcelona, and things to do and see, including trips outside the city.

Barcelona Metropolitan

Since 1996, Barcelona Metropolitan has been the most powerful brand and THE ONLY source of reliable information for English speakers living in and travelling to Barcelona, informing the community via a monthly magazine, weekly newsletters plus a dynamic and informative website.  Although historically based in Barcelona, we plan to expand to English-speaking hubs across Spain.

Barcelona Metropolitan strives to be the Expert Guide for English-speaking Expats. Our content is written by native English-speaking writers who live in the city and cover the pillars of the international community with fundamental information.  We are laser-focused on topics critical to the expat experience, which include inter alia financial services, insurance, immigration, pets, international schools, luxury travel, automobiles, real estate purchasing, health & wellness coaches, medical services, relocation, theatre and art reviews, as well as host other professional services.  We plan to add a consumer complaints/support and a jobs bulletin board for positions requiring native English speakers.

Our advertisers covet our well-defined target of readers comprised of highly-educated, tech-savvy, English-speaking professionals with significant disposable income, travel frequently and dine out 3 times per week. We combine niche advertising with online optimized contents to get maximum visibility for our advertisers. To effectively reach our readers, our team exploits a robust digital marketing platform, powerful marketing packages and innovative advertising options as well as empowering clients with social media services to amplify their branding and online visibility.

Foodie in Barcelona

Foodie in Barcelona is a blog with weekly posts, exploring one address at a time. The posts are written in the tone I would use with a friend, sharing quirky details and giving tips on everything from what to order to make sure to take a trip to the washrooms if they are particularly special. I pick places on merit with a special interest in those that are small and independent and trying to do something different, bonus points if they are working with food in season and KM 0. .

Barcelona Museum

Barcelona Museum was founded in 2013 and, as the name implies, the site is dedicated to Barcelona’s museums and attractions. In addition to the top 10 sights such as Sagrada Familia or the Picasso Museum, you will also find unknown and hidden museums such as the Temple of Augustus, the MEAM or the Modernism Museum. You’ll find tips for different target groups like families, singles, groups etc. and since I studied art history I think I can give you the right tips here! The site is also available in German and French!

Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam is an award-winning gay travel blog by Adam Groffman. The site features unique and personal stories from around the world, including a popular series of Hipster City Guides. A voice for this new generation of travellers: modern, open-minded millennials with a strong interest in city destinations, alternative tourism, and creative ideas. The site was awarded silver prize for “Best Travel Blog” by the North American Travel Journalists Association 2019.

Homage to BCN

Homage to BCN is a blog about discovering all aspects of Barcelona. The history, culture, and things to do and see. I also get other people to write about their ‘perfect day in Barcelona’ to share what they love about the city too!

Eat in Barcelona

If you either live in Barcelona and looking for good food and new places to try or you are visiting the city and want the real deal when it comes to finding authentic food gems…
you are in the right place! You will also find great travel guides of our trips around the world because we are always ready for a getaway, our biggest passion.

Latitude 41

Justine Ancheta runs Latitude 41, which gives no-fluff advice for discovering Barcelona and other parts of Spain. A California native and expat since 2008, Justine started the blog in 2013 as a way of sharing an unexpressed romance with the city. Because she’s raised 3 kids there, she also imparts helpful travel tips for families visiting Barcelona. Other than creating useful guides, she also shares cultural quirks and weird Catalan traditions like the caga tió, the Christmas pooping log. Her biggest travel tip for tourists: don’t get robbed! With a touch of humour and fun insight, this blog is a fun place to hang out.

The Barcelona Diaries

The Barcelona Diaries is a project where I celebrate and share everything I love about this city. I want to encourage people in Barcelona to get to know it better and discover new places, as well as help visitors,  experience the city in a way only a local can show them. It’s my collection of special moments in Barcelona!

The Travel Hack

The Travel Hack is a travel blog sharing our travel tips and insider tips from around the world. We mostly focus on weekend breaks for a UK audience and showing people how they can make the most of their time and money during a short holiday. We offer lots of practical travel advice as well as inspiration from our latest adventures.

The Travellette

The travel blog is about insider tips and useful info concerning Barcelona. Since I moved to the Catalan capital in 2012 my mission is to help people make the best out of their trip. Sharing my experiences and favourite places in this unique city is what makes my blog so unique. Also, I love the interaction with my readers and helping them with their questions and concerns in the comments and via e-mail.
In February 2019 I published my Barcelona travel guide book, where readers can follow my footsteps with 23 digital tours and over 50 insider tips.

Mantel a Cuadros

Mantel a Cuadros is the perfect foodie guide if you want to discover the best food hotspots in Barcelona. New restaurants, the classics, food markets, delicious shops, etc. You would find restaurants classified by types of food, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, gluten-free restaurants, the top places to taste a specific dish…
Each post is a personal experience, where I explain the dishes I tasted, give recommendations and reveal some curiosities about the place.
I pretend that my blog is your “food partner in crime”, because discover a city is also discovering its gastronomy.

La Elegantia

My name is Zlatina Jekova and I am a fashion and travel blogger. I started my blog ( back in 2014, and since then it has grown to over 700k followers. I have always been passionate about travel and fashion and in 2014 I decided to start blogging and sharing my style experiment and travel tips with the world. At first, blogging was just a hobby I did after work, but it soon after I started my blog it began to grow rapidly and today blogging is my full-time job!
On my blog, you can find all about my reset looks and my trips! I tend to share a lot of tips about the places I visit, as well as favourity pictures I took during my travels! If you follow me on Instagram (@laelegantia) you can watch my everyday activities on my stories, I usually travel 3-4 times per month and I am always discovering new places. When I am not travelling, I spend most of my time at my house in Barcelona, so if you are a fan of this incredible city, you can follow me to discover more of its secret spots, the best bars, and restaurants to go to, and everything new and trendy in the city! I hope you enjoy my adventures as much as I do!

Not Home Syndrome

Not Home Syndrome is written by a nomadic free-lance journalist who has travelled to more countries than she has years in age. “Not Home Syndrome: Barcelona” contains an assortment of blogs about Barcelona- the city, its culture, and the politics of the Catalan independence movement.  The blog was started as the author moved from Moscow to Barcelona to reinvent herself. She was charmed by the multiculturalism, liberalism, and spirit of the Catalan people. As a Communications Specialist, she is deeply interested in the framing of the Catalan Independence movement in Western media.

Driftwood Journals

I set up Driftwood Journals after moving to Barcelona in 2009 and falling head over heels in love with the food, people and culture. I admire the way Catalans live their lives and am fascinated by their traditions and cultural quirks. So many travellers think of Barcelona as being another Spanish city of “sun, sea and sangria”, but there’s so much more to it than that. With over 2,000 years of history to explore and an immensely independent sense of cultural identity, the Catalan capital really does it have all. I’m passionate about meaningful and responsible travel and, through my writing and photographytry to encourage visitors to dig deeper, to celebrate and preserve Barcelona’s unique charms while connecting with local people and their way of life. 

Salt in Our Hair

Salt in our Hair who have an outstanding amount of followers on Instagram who offers travel guides with the focus on stunning photos and videos. Salt in our Hair’s travel blogs helps you easily plan your holiday or city trip from day to day.

Plan your trip to Barcelona

All the above-mentioned bloggers have all provided an amazing guide on what to do and see while visiting Barcelona. Don’t let your bags hold you back from experiencing Barcelona from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart. Store your bags with one of our 90 luggage storage locations all around Barcelona or read our guide for more information about how you can easily store luggage in Barcelona as of 2019.