Bag policy in Hard Rock Stadium
Bag policy in Hard Rock Stadium
Last updated: Nov 1, 2022 · 5 min read

What you can and cannot bring inside Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium is dedicated to make sure the guest experience is unmatched, and safety of visitors attending the events is important. Miami stadium has strict bag policy rules that are better to be followed to have the best time. Make sure to check all the rules so you won’t have to leave the stadium. 

Approved bags:

  • Smartphones, cameras, and binoculars are allowed inside the stadium
  • One bag no bigger than 12” by 6” and 12” made of clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC or one gallon clear-sized plastic bag
  • Fans are permitted to bring a little handbag that is about the size of a hand in addition to one of the clear bags mentioned above
  • If a person needs to bring vital medical items, after thorough inspection at the designated medical gate entry- the entry is allowed
  • A clear bag can be used to carry diapers and wipes. Each member of the family, including kids, is authorised to carry a clear bag and a handbag
  • Bring water only in factory sealed plastic water bottles 20 oz or less in volume is allowed. Reusable water bottles are no longer allowed

Before entering the stadium, all bags and other allowed goods will go through several inspections.The goal of this policy is to increase the security while also simplifying the stadium entry process. 

Please be aware that within Hard Rock stadium, there are no facilities for storing prohibited goods.


What to do when a bag exceeds its size or there are prohibited items?

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Hard Rock Stadium is a global entertainment stadium located in Miami where its premises are used for various events such as concerts, tennis matches, football games and other popular public events. The stadium is a home field for famous teams such as the American football team Miami Dolphins from the National Football League or the University of Miami team Miami Hurricanes. It is also known for hosting the annual Miami Open tennis tournament and the annual American college football game – Orange Bowl. Hard Rock Stadium has also hosted several Super Bowls, F1 Grand Prix and in 2026 the FIFA World Cup will be held there as well. 

House rules in Hard Rock Stadium

As with most stadiums, certain rules apply in Hard Rock Stadium to ensure both safety and a pleasant experience without unnecessary inconveniences. Here are some examples of inappropriate behavior that is strictly prohibited

  • Offensive language, harassing, abusive and illegal behavior
  • Excessive use of addictive substance and alcohol causing inappropriate behavior
  • Smoking cigarettes and smoking electronic devices
  • Interruption of the game by inappropriate behavior, including throwing objects of any kind into the field 
  • Verbal and physical abuse of the opposing team fans

All visitors have the right to report violations of Hard Rock Stadium’s code of conduct

Miami is the largest metropolitan area in the southeastern part of the US and is located in the popular state of Florida, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Numerous beaches, shops, and fancy restaurants attract people from all over the world to visit Miami. One of the fun things to do is to visit the famous Hard Rock Stadium.

Events you should not miss!

Miami Open

One of the reasons why it is worth visiting Hard Rock Stadium is the Miami Open tennis tournament. The tennis tournament was held for the first time in 1985 in Delray Beach, Florida with the vision of creating a world-class tennis tournament. Since then, international tournaments have been played every year until now. The Miami Open is usually played in spring, between March and April.

Orange Bowl

The Orange Bowl is an annual American college football game. The first game was played back in 1935, making it the second oldest bowl game in America. When the Orange Bowl started, the primary goal was to increase tourism in South Florida by hosting the annual college football game. However, now the Orange Bowl is a non-profit organization that operates in some charitable projects and community support. The Orange Bowl is usually played in winter, between December and January.

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