LuggageHero in Germany for Property Managers

Last updated: Jan 5, 2024 · 3 min read

LuggageHero in Germany


LuggageHero is currently live in 2 cities in Germany (and expanding)

Luggage storage in Germany

You can find LuggageHero in two of Germany’s most visited cities, full of amazing attractions and opportunities for travelers from all over the globe.

Explore storage locations near major attractions and districts in:

Property managers in Germany – join us now!

LuggageHero partners up with property managers around Germany to promote their service which helps them enhance their guest experience.

If you’re a property manager, offering luggage storage to your guests might be exactly what you need to put your properties on the map and earn those 5* reviews. LuggageHero wants to help property managers offer excellent service and have happy guests after each visit. On top of that, all luggage is insured by LuggageHero, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your guests’ luggage.

At the same time, as a property manager in Germany, you receive a commission per paid booking + you can offer 2 hours of free luggage storage to all of your guests (an easy way to get those 5 star reviews). If you would like to learn more about LuggageHero and how to become a partner, please contact us! We have opportunities for both Munich and Berlin with more cities to come!

Benefits for you

✓ Commission

Receive commission for each paid booking

✓ 2 hours free

Offer all your guests 2 hours of free luggage storage

✓ 5* experience

Offer your guests a 5* experience

✓ It is free

It is completely free to become a LuggageHero Partner


Can’t find the city you have listings in? 

See all of LuggageHero’s official cities to find the city where your properties are right here. 

If your city is there, that means you can still contact us at to learn about partnership opportunities.

If you can’t find your city, you are still welcome to contact us and hear what other options we may have for you.