Our favorite apps to make traveling a piece of cake for you
Our favorite apps to make traveling a piece of cake for you
Last updated: Jan 11, 2022

Travel apps that will help you get ready for holidays in 2022 

No one ever said that planning a trip is an easy job, and that’s why we have gathered our favorite apps to transform this hectic process into a fun thing to do. So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s go through our top picks!

1. Hopper

Starting with the very first step when booking a trip; transportation! In this case, Hopper comes to the rescue by offering an easy way to find the cheapest day to fly. YES! You read correctly; Hopper analyzes billions of prices daily to predict how prices will change and provides you with information on whether you should buy or wait. This could potentially help you save up to 40% on your next flight. But wait, there’s more; Hopper is contributing to a more sustainable future by planting 4 trees on your behalf every time you complete a booking

Available for iOS and Android

2. Komoot

Who said that big cities and busy roads are the only activity someone can do while travelling? Exploring a country’s nature can be equally interesting and fun. Wherever and however you choose to explore, Komoot is your friend and always has a route ready for you. From hand-picked guides of the world’s most epic outdoor experiences, to ready-built routes in your area that can be filtered by distance, difficulty, and public transport links based on the type of explorer you are or just your preferences, Komoot helps you find your perfect adventure

Available for iOS and Android

3. GetMyBoat 

Sometimes conventional transportation to go sightseeing or even exploring a place might be boring and outdated. For the cases where you prefer to hit the water instead of the road, here is an app that can make this happen for you easily and fast. GetMyBoat is the world’s largest and fastest-growing boat rental and charter marketplace. They help people locate their perfect water experience, whether it’s renting a kayak for a day or getting a group together and going out on a mega yacht. Even if you don’t have boating experience, their captained charters are the most commonly booked option on their platform, especially when social distancing can be essential for a safe trip boating is a great choice. Their offers vary to cater to different tastes and prices in over 184 countries. 

Available for iOS and Android.

4. LuggageHero

You have an early check-out from your hotel but a late-night flight, which means you have a whole day to explore the city. Dragging your luggage with you won’t be the wisest thing to do. Therefore, LuggageHero offers a network of cafes, hotels, restaurants, and more that enables you to store your luggage for a short term at a meager cost. Now that you are luggage-free let’s talk about some fun facts; LuggageHero has 38 luggage sites across Europe and North America, including New York, London, and Paris. By using either the mobile app or just the website, you will quickly find the most convenient location for you; you will also be able to book and receive directions through the app. Isn’t this a life hack?

Используйте LgageHero где угодно с официальным приложением для iPhone и Android

5. Wanderu

Have you ever found yourself trying to figure out how to plan and book your next trip using a bus and a train or maybe both? Wanderu is the ideal travel search platform that helps travelers find the best deals for bus and train tickets across North America and Europe. With their app, you are able to compare schedules, and prices from hundreds of travel companies all gathered in one convenient place to find the means that works best for you. The best part? It is entirely out of charge, meaning that no additional fees are added while making your booking. 

Available for iOS and Android 

6. Couchsurfing 

This app is literally working as a social network for travelers. With their motto being, “You have friends all over the world, you just haven’t met them yet,” Couchsurfing is a platform where you can find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with other travelers. You can do that by only setting up a profile and sharing your experiences with the rest of the travel community. Once you are on your adventure, you connect with the other “Couchsurfers” and ask them if they can actually host you on their couch. Then it is your time to make your couch or spare room available for potential visitors and welcome them to meet you and your hometown. Fun fact; Couchsurfing is a global community of 14 million people in more than 200,000 cities who share their lives, world, and journey. Don’t you wanna be a part of it already? 

Available for iOS and Android. 

7. NomadHer

Female solo traveling is not hard anymore; in fact, it is easy, fun, empowering and safe thanks to NomadHer. This app is heaven on earth for all of you who enjoy solo traveling and are looking for information and inspiration while planning your trip. But frankly, it is not just that; it is a community of like-minded people who are connecting in order to share their experiences, tips, and recommendations while at the same time organizing online and offline meet-ups and events to build this community and exchange valuable traveling experiences. 

Available for iOS and Android 

8. Revolut 

It is the fastest-growing digital banking platform with the widest range of features—a top choice for those who travel frequently. Account opening and maintaining your account is free, with no monthly cost. Revolut is available in the EEA countries, Switzerland, Australia, and the US. There are 35 currencies you can use to exchange money within the app. You can save money while on the road as there is no exchange fee for the first 1000€. It’s also free to transfer money from your Revolut account to any other international bank with normal wire transfers. No fee when you top up your account using another bank card as well. Their insurance options are very flexible; we would highlight the pay-per-day travel medical insurance

Available for iOS and Android.

9. Too Good To Go

This app is awesome for people traveling on a budget that do not want to miss out on local food. Too Good To Go fights food waste primarily by connecting users with stores and restaurants with unsold surplus food at the end of the day. Use the app to rescue Surprise Bags filled with delicious, unsold food. Search the map to find a restaurant, cafè or shop nearby; buy the food through the app. Collect your food at the pre-set time and enjoy it. 

Available for iOS and Android.

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