Goodbye COVID-19 – Is travel back this summer?
Goodbye COVID-19 – Is travel back this summer?
Last updated: Oct 14, 2021 · 5 min read

More than half of travelers remain concerned about traveling

Perhaps one of the longest-awaited summers of all time, summer 2021 is for many people the time they will be able to enjoy a holiday for the first time in over a year! It is without a doubt something most of us have been looking forward to no matter whether you live in London, NYC, Rio, Tokyo or other places on this green earth. However, as we discovered, many travelers still have concerns.

LuggageHero conducted a survey where we asked travelers about their summer trips this year (2021) and how they feel about COVID-19. We gathered many interesting insights.

Highlights of the survey results include:

  • 54% of participants still have concerns about traveling this summer
  • 51.6% of people who have already booked have planned a domestic trip
  • Since July 2020, there has been a 66.4% increase in domestic trips being planned for summer 2021
  • 64.4% of participants have already booked a trip this summer
  • More than 61% of respondents plan to take a leisure trip this summer

Domestic travel takes the lead this summer

This year, for the vacation months of July, August, and September, 51.6% of people who travel have planned a domestic trip and intend to enjoy their country and discover places near them. It is likely that until the pandemic is really “over,” domestic travel will remain popular. These trips currently require less paperwork, no mandatory COVID tests and are likely to make travelers feel more relaxed. Additionally, domestic trips are less restrictive and are more environmentally friendly. We can expect that ecological awareness will be more present in travel in future years. In comparison with July 2020, there is a 66.4% increase in domestic trips being planned for summer 2021 by our participants.


How many are still afraid to travel due to COVID-19?

Although the situation is getting better and we are gradually regaining our freedom, there remain hesitations. In fact, 53.8% of respondents are still concerned about travel, as they know that COVID isn’t over yet. Just over 67% of the participants are afraid of getting sick during a trip and almost 26% are afraid to infect their surroundings, while 30.3% are concerned because they have not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine. In time, that means that as our participants get vaccinated, they will begin to feel more comfortable about embarking on new adventures.


64% have already booked a trip this summer

For summer 2021, only 35.6% of respondents said they have not booked a vacation. The travel sector is gradually recovering since last July, when 50% of earlier survey respondents said they did not plan to go on holiday that summer. More and more borders in the world are opening up, and tourists are increasingly allowed to return to their beloved holiday destinations and enjoy their stay. Compared with our data from last July, there is a 28% increase in planned trips for summer 2021, compared to trips in summer 2020.


Leisure trips are back

This year, leisure trips will be very important, with more than 61% of respondents planning to make one. Compared to last summer, when most of us couldn’t even dream of taking a leisure trip, the results show that there is definitely some hope for summer 2021. Leisure trips are back and hopefully back for good.


Our tips to properly prepare your trip and travel safely

You might be wondering if it is safe to travel, and for good reason. It is important to consider the safety of a destination before embarking on a trip this summer and also to make sure you have done your part in preventing the spread of the virus. Here are a few tips on how to be more prepared when going on holiday this summer.

  • Do a lot of research on the location of your trip. Learn about the state of the pandemic in the country, look at the history of restrictions and the timing of announcements of actions taken to avoid being caught off guard at the last minute.
  • Try not to leave your home much before your trip to reduce the risk of being contaminated.
  • In general, whether you are in a car or plane, remember to take disinfectant gel and wipes.
    If you are flying, check the airline’s cancellation rate and the ticket exchange terms.
  • Spend a little more money on a space where you’ll feel good in case you need to do a quarantine upon arrival or just in time to receive negative COVID-19 results.
  • Expect not to be able to do all the activities you want. Plan several alternatives in case your program needs to change.
  • Find out about travel insurance that can cover the costs of COVID-19 care and reimburse you for your airline tickets or hotel fees if cancelled.
  • Take enough masks with you or learn where to buy them.
  • Bring some food in case you can’t get to the grocery store for a while.

You can check out the full results of our survey here.

*The survey was filled through online forms between May 26 – June 03, 2021.

**For updated COVID-19 information you can check the official WHO data.

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