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The days of searching for luggage storage in lockers are over. LuggageHero is here to save the day when you’re visiting New York City!

Travelers can leave luggage with LuggageHero in NYC by making use of its network of more than 130 local shops (coffee shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, bike shops, etc.) and they all spread across important traffic hubs as of 2020. You can therefore always find a place to drop your bags near you. Those include Grand Central Terminal, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station, and Times Square.

An easy & affordable luggage storage service

Luggage storage has never been quicker, easier, and more affordable than it is now in the year 2020. LuggageHero users are charged by the hour , unlike most luggage lockers or facilities, which charge per day. We further offer a reasonable daily maximum , and luggage can, of course, be stored for multiple days.


LuggageHero in New York City

LuggageHero saves explorers’ time by storing luggage

Major and popular stations in The Big Apple 2019

Penn Station, also known as Pennsylvania Station and New York Penn Station, is a big underground railroad station in NYC. It is super busy as numbers from 2019 show around 600.000 new yorkers and tourists are passing through each weekday. Penn Station is located in Midtown Manhattan which is relatively close to the Empire State Building and Macy’s Herald Square. You can find our luggage storage locations just around the corner from the station. Penn Station itself does not store luggage.

Grand Central Station, also known as Grand Central Station, is a rail terminal Midtown Manhatten, NYC. The terminal is located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue. The terminal contains a connection to the New York City Subway at Grand Central-42nd Street. Grand Central Terminal itself doesn’t offer any luggage storage service so you have to leave the terminal to find a luggage storage location to store your bags. Luckily, we have a LuggageHero store 300 meters from Grand Central Station.

Port Authority Bus Station is the most used gateway for buses going to Manhattan in New York and New Jersey. The terminal is located in Midtown at 625 Eight Avenue between the two streets 40th Street and 42nd Street. This location is conveniently close to Times Square. Drop off your items at one of our luggage storage locations just around the corner. Overnight storage can easily be handled. Please note that Port Authority Bus Terminal itself does NOT offer luggage storage, just like the above listed major stations.

Other popular destinations in New York

New York has many popular destinations where you do not want to spend energy carrying your luggage around:

Whatever you choose, we’re there to lighten your load so you can enjoy The Big Apple and all that it offers.

Simply go to the LuggageHero booking platform to locate a convenient storage site inside a verified shop or other business. From the map service, you can find the nearest Subway stops and find the most convenient venue to store your luggage.



Unlike similar concepts, all our shops in New York City have been personally reviewed by a LuggageHero employee. We further provide security seals for each piece of luggage, and each piece of luggage and its contents are insured for up to . You will not find any other luggage storage providers in NYC that offer the same perks. If you are having troubles in New York City, our customer online chat support is available 24/7.

Here is how you book luggage storage in New York

Ready to book your Luggage Storage in New York City? Choose from our more than 130 locations throughout The Big Apple! Find a location on our luggage storage booking engine.

Luggage storage service in New York 2019

Luggage storage guide 2020

We made it easy for you to compare all companies offering luggage storage in New York City – find the list in our Luggage storage guide NYC. That way you can make your own conclusion to which service is best for your luggage storage New York City needs.

This Guide Includes All Major companies offering luggage storage in NYC including discount vouchers.

You can find different alternatives to storing your luggage while you enjoy yourself in New York, most airports and train stations, unlike in some big cities, don’t offer to store luggage due to safety precautions.  Don’t worry – there are alternatives!


Lonely Planet endorses LuggageHero:

By Lonely Planet:

You can now drop your luggage off for safe-keeping in shops, pubs, and cafés across New York – 130 locations

LuggageHero lets you store your luggage in a local shop, café or hotel, which is often more convenient than having to go to a storage facility at a train station.”

Lonely Planet endorses LuggageHero 2019

Lonely Planet endorses LuggageHero 2019


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