5 ways to travel from the safety of your home in 2020.
5 ways to travel from the safety of your home in 2020.
Last updated: Mar 26, 2020 · 4 min read

Read this article about coronavirus precautions and practical information to follow in the biggest cities.

Stay at home, work from home, who said you can’t travel from home?

The current situation has left us all full of wanderlust, but unable to enjoy the wonders of travel. Our travel plans have been canceled and now they seem farther than ever.  Most of us, don’t even know for how long our plans have to be on hold and for how long we will be unable to explore the world. I know the saying itself might be contradictory, don’t the words travel and home simply not go together?

The words may not go together but that does not mean that we can’t create this concept right now! Travel from home can be a thing, if you allow it to. Your reality may not be the perfect recreation of what you expected, but a part of those travel dreams you have can surely come true.

Here are 5 easy ways on how to travel from home and feel the adventure right away.


1. Explore the adventures of your favorite travel bloggers

Some of our favorite travel bloggers are so good at what they do that after reading their blog posts, it feels as if you went on the vacation with them. You don’t have to experience things firsthand to feel a sense of adventure. Sometimes reading about other other bloggers’ adventures can be enough to take you into the world of travel and allow you to lose yourself in it. To make things easier, we suggest 5 of our new favorite bloggers that you may not know about, for you to check out right here:

1. Finding the Universe – The post we suggest is for those of you who are considering becoming a full time travel blogger.

2. We are Travel Girls – A post we suggest checking out is Top 10 Winter Girls Getaway Destinations.

3.  Dream Big Travel Far – a fantastic post you can check out is about their 3 week Finland Road Trip where you can get plenty of adventure.

4. South East Asia Backpacker – check out the 2 weeks Thailand itinerary that will suit every personality type.

5. Where’s Mollie? – The perfect guide for planning an epic British Columbia road trip in Canada.

Remember, when all of this is over and you are able to travel again, the knowledge you acquired will be incredibly useful for planning your next trip out of home!


2. Let everything go

If you find yourself having way too much time on your hands, an easy way to feel like you’re on holiday is to simply let everything go. What I mean by that is – turn off your phone (Imagine you do not have internet connection where you are), grab a book, lay down on your couch (or in your garden if you have one and the weather allows for it) and simply relax!

Don’t we do that on holidays all the time? Who says you can’t let everything go from the comfort of your own home? Shutting off and just being with yourself for a while will allow you to experience the ease that comes from lying on a beach in another country when you are on holiday.


3. Get cozy and learn about your destination

Weather it’s a documentary, a book or talking to someone online – you can always find a way to learn about your dream destination. Possible steps you can take include:

1. Grab a hot chocolate

2. Grab a blanket

3. Find a documentary

4. Sit down and enjoy!

If you want to learn about more countries than one, you can check out various channels on Youtube such as GeographyNow.

4. Learn a new language

People say that you never really understand a culture until you can speak its language. If what you’re looking for is a deeper understanding of a destination where you can relate to the locals then learning a new language might be exactly what you need. Once you speak a bit of the new language, you are able to read the destination’s news, listen to its music, experience its culture and watch its movies. In that way, you can travel to your destination with just a few clicks (and lots of language learning hours).

You can always start with Duolingo or Memrise and see where it takes you!


5. Travel by eating (and cooking)

This one may not be for everyone but cuisine has a lot to do with a place and a culture. One of the ways you can travel from home is by learning to cook dishes from your dream destination and enjoying the food (without going anywhere). Learn to make French onion soup or Croque monsieur and feel like you’re on a trip to Paris. Even better, you could take the time to cook for everyone, set some French music on and make everyone around you feel like they’re on a trip to Paris with you!


We hope that our suggestions will help fulfill some of your desire for adventure. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our list of 10 amazing European Natural Wonders for when you are able to travel again. Remember that staying home might seem boring sometimes but it does not have to be a negative experience for you. There is plenty to do from home and explore the world at the same time.

To learn more about the current Coronavirus situation click here.

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