Valet Apartments in London is there for your self-isolation needs
Valet Apartments in London is there for your self-isolation needs
Last updated: Nov 12, 2020 · 2 min read

Have you been unfortunately stranded in London? Or do you maybe simply need a safe place to stay during the corona lockdown?


As of 9am on 22 March 2020, 78,340 people have been tested in the UK, of which 72,657 were confirmed negative and 5,683 were confirmed positive. The risk level of being in the UK has been raised to high. The UK’s pubs, restaurants, gyms and cinemas were all closed on the 21st of March and all UK schools were closed from the 23rd as the government steps up its efforts to fight the virus.

To fight the virus, it is not only the government that needs to step up its efforts, but all of us. Property managers have a position to help stranded people, or those who need a safe place to stay and some of them have already taken actions that have already helped many and will continue to do so.

If you’re stranded in London, Valet Apartments have got you covered.

Valet Apartments is one of the leading premium accommodation providers in London. The company offers a variety of apartments located in different areas of London, capable of accommodating any budget or taste.


22 11 33 44

Bruges Place in Camden Town.


Current offers by Valet Apartments

50% discount

Depending on availability, Valet Apartments are ready to offer up to 50% discount on some of their apartments. To learn more about the offer, the best thing you can do is call them on 0207 206 2395, contact them through, or book directly on their website.

Find a place to stay

You can book directly with Valet Apartments and access clean, fully-fitted apartments, with fast internet, at the best rates. With the company’s 120+ apartments in London, within zones 1-4, you will be able to find the apartment that best suits your needs and budget.

Emergency accommodation 

Valet apartments have a dedicated team focused on helping people find emergency accommodation immediately as in this time of coronavirus, you never know when you might need a safe space and it can happen in an instant. 

To speak to Valet Apartments’ team immediately you can use this number: 0207 206 2395

To see Valet Apartments’ full list of properties, click here. 



✔️ Unlimited WiFi  provided in every apartment.

✔️ A diverse set of properties across London, catering to different budgets and locations.

✔️ A premium business class experience in all of Valet Apartments’ properties.

✔️ All the amenities from a home away from home.

✔️ Cost effective solutions as Valet Apartments are able to provide twin bed rooms and host several different people in a single unit.


Luggage storage in London

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