Paying outside LuggageHero

LuggageHero is a platform that connects travelers with local shops and businesses where they can safely store their luggage. Our online payment system is the primary payment method for luggage storage, as it provides a secure and convenient way to complete transactions. However, there may be instances when collecting your bags where you are instructed to pay for luggage storage directly at our partner locations.

This policy outlines our guidelines for handling off-platform payments to ensure a seamless experience.

Payment Guidelines

You should always pay for luggage storage through LuggageHero’s online payment system unless specifically instructed to pay in cash due to a declined payment method.

All payments made through our platform are properly tracked and recorded, and they provide us with the information we need to support you. LuggageHero’s payment protection policy does not cover any payment made directly to a partner location, and you assume all risks associated with these transactions.

Drop-Off Guidelines

When arriving at a LuggageHero partner location, always start the storage timer to ensure your drop-off is properly registered. Registering your drop-off helps to ensure that your luggage is properly stored and accounted for and that LuggageHero can provide support if any issues arise. Failure to register a drop-off or cancellation will result in the booking being treated as a no-show.

No-Show Policy

The booking will be a no-show if you pay for luggage storage directly to a partner location and the drop-off is not registered through the LuggageHero app. The associated no-show charges will be applied. You must ensure your drop-off is properly registered through the LuggageHero app to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

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