Left Luggage Tips Victoria Station
Left Luggage Tips Victoria Station
Last updated: Aug 25, 2021 · 3 min read

Left Luggage Tips for London – Victoria Station

With London opening up slowly but steadily after the lockdown is finally over, travel is bound to pick up. If London has been on your bucket list then you may want to consider visiting the city in a few months. London is full of things to do from iconic attractions to a vibrant art scene, a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, museums and many beautiful parks.

As one of the cities in the world with most diverse culture, it is definitely not one to miss.

If you decide to visit London, you will not want your bags to slow you down. There are many options for left luggage in London and in this article we will discuss some tips for storing bags near Victoria Station. Victoria Station is a major railway and underground station in London. The station is located in central London and close to Westminster.

How to find the closest storage location to Victoria Station 

If you would like to store your bags near Victoria Station, then you may want to find out which the closest left luggage location to the station is. Finding the closest location is incredibly easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the LuggageHero Booking Platform (or use the app)
  2. Click on the GO Button
  3. Explore all locations for left luggage near Victoria Station and find the one which suits you best.

Our recommendation for left luggage Victoria Station is:

holly house hotel luggage storage

Holly House Hotel

  • Only 300m from Victoria Station
  • Open 24 hours
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Cancelation for left luggage Victoria Station
  • Each bag is insured for up to £2200
  • Pay by the hour – £1/hour + £2 booking fee and never more than £8/day

Book here

victoria station luggage storage review

Popular luggage storage locations near Victoria Station:


Tips on what to do near Victoria Station

After you manage to get rid of your bags there is a lot to do near Victoria Station. To begin with, you can take a break in Ecclestone Square Park which is located a minute from the station.

With the restrictions being lifted, you can now visit the Eccleston Yards and enjoy chic retailers, restaurants, a yoga studio & co-working space on offer in a buzzy open-air mall.

Not so far away, you can check out the Westminster Cathedral – a red-and-white striped Victorian cathedral in Byzantine style with gold, mosaics and marble interior.

When it comes to food, Victoria Station itself is full of variety of restaurants and shops but if you leave the station, you can also enjoy some amazing restaurants and cafes in the nearby area.

Don’t forget that the Buckingham Palace is also just a 10 minute walk away from Victoria Station!


Left luggage during the pandemic

Storing luggage near Victoria Station during COVID-19 is safe if you are careful and keep up with the current rules and regulations in the area. We consider the health and safety of everyone to be our top priority, which is why we are offering contactless booking and luggage storage.

  • Remember to sanitize your hands before and after drop-off.
  • Remember to wear a mask.
  • Do not store your luggage if you are feeling sick – seek to get tested immediately.
  • Do not store your bags if you were recently in contact with someone who has coronavirus.

How does leaving luggage with LuggageHero work?

LuggageHero storage sites are certified hotels, cafes and shops. Advance bookings ensure space for your bags, however, you may cancel without penalty. The address and directions are available at the time of booking and are emailed to you.

LuggageHero uses a storage timer to calculate the hours spent. When arriving at the storage site, you will start the storage timer on your booking page and stop it upon pick-up, which will then process payment.

Explore more left luggage locations around London here.

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