Best Travel Blogs Madrid 2019
Best Travel Blogs Madrid 2019
Last updated: Nov 12, 2020

The Top 20 Travel Blogs in Madrid in 2019

After extensive research, we’re proud to announce the 20 best blogs you can find for traveling to Madrid!

The selection process…

Traveling is about experiencing the best of what a new city can offer and a great place to find inspiration is in blogs. However, it can be a jungle to navigate through the many blogs and content you can find online. Therefore, our team has scoured the internet looking for the best travel blogs in Madrid.

The 20 blogs that have made the final list have been selected following a selection according to 4 criteria:

  • Quality of the content
  • The practicality of the tips and pieces of advice
  • Purpose of the blog
  • Originality

In this award, you will find talented photographers, skilled writers, wanderlust addicts, foodies, family travelers, and eco-friendly travelers. Additionally, it is necessary to mention that some websites awarded are not, strictly speaking, travel blogs. However, in every case, the usefulness of their tips or their great content have convinced us to include them.

All 20 blogs have made it as “Best 20 Travel Blogs” meaning the order is random.

We would like to congratulate all the bloggers that made the Top 20 thanks to their awesome work!


The nominated bloggers are more than welcome to put the following code on their website to use the badge and share their nomination with their readers!


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Oh No She Madridn’t

“Oh No, She Madridn’t” chronicles features Rebecca’s time spent living in Madrid in her early 20s, from her first time abroad as a college student in 2009 to her year working as an English language assistant (during which she played on Madrid’s ultimate frisbee team), and beyond. It began as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, so it’s full of personal tales (like the time she got locked in a bathroom) which she documented while getting to know the city and becoming comfortable in Spain.
In addition to a decade of personal posts, you’ll also find tons of thorough how-to’s, useful to travelers and expats alike—such as how to grocery shop in Madrid or tips for eating at Spanish restaurants and even a page of resources for people teaching English in Madrid.

Antiguos Cafes de Madrid

Antiguos Cafés de Madrid y Otras Cosas de la Villa” tells the story of Madrid through the history of his cafes, buildings and his most beloved and unique characters. Join us on this trip and walk around Madrid sharing and understanding the story of this beautiful city.

Nomadic Matt

Matt is a true reference in travel blogging. This Boston native is a New York Times best-selling author thanks to his book on money-saving trips. After meeting backpackers in Thaïland, Matt realized that he wanted to dedicate his life to discovering the world full-time and hasn’t stopped traveling since. His blog is an extensive source of information for all types of traveler (Solo Female, Couples, Seniors etc.) thanks his experience of traveling to more than 80 countries in 12 years. This Madrid Travel Guide is a must-read.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is the go-to website for solo and female travel around the world for all women, by women. Kiki is a California native, who, not too long ago left her career in corporate finance to become a world traveler. Since quitting her job, she has traveled to over 70 countries and has knocked some big adventures of her bucket list.

The Wanderlost Away

Stephanie is a New Yorker that loves to travel on improvisation instead of planning her trip step by step. As she says it herself, she’s never been a map savvy. She travels around the world with her boyfriend and her family and gives us guides and hacks to make her benefit from her experience and her mistakes. Looking to make a trip to Portugal, Scotland or South Africa? Check out her travel videos, it will give you a quick glimpse of how extraordinary these destinations are. Why aren’t you already following her on Instagram? Even though she was in Madrid a few years ago, her list of must-see spots in Madrid is definitely worth a read.

Y Travel

Caz and Craig are a real inspiration for couples looking to ditch the routine and live the moment to the fullest. For them, the meaning of life is to accumulate memories and experiences, not possessions. This Australian couple has visited over 50 countries and takes their two daughters with them. Their travel tips are very original and well written and if you are concerned about the perspective of planning a family trip, reading this blog will definitely help you!

Madrid No Frills

Madrid No Frills came to life two and a half years ago in a no-frills bar, when I was drinking a beer, eating a tapa and chatting to the owner. I looked around me and got thinking about the fact that there was a huge gap in the online presence of these little bars, and just felt that it wasn’t fair.

All other Madrid blogs write about cool, new and chic places, but what about the small, old, humble, family-run places? The no-frills places? Don’t they deserve attention too? And so, I created Madrid No Frills because I wanted to share my discoveries, and also to help others see the Madrid I love – a humble city full of beautiful old bars, restaurants, and streets full of history and soul. Madrid No Frills recently made a list of “100 of Madrid’s No-Frills bars“.

Mésame Mucho

Marta Simonet, an inveterate and adventurous dreamer of easy laughter who peppers the world of creativity to eat it in a sandwich. The goal with Mésame Mucho is to inspire you in your daily life around the tables.

I have worked in communication for 10 years and during all this time I have had the opportunity to enjoy on television and branded content agencies until one day, in one of those fascinating jobs where you think you have reached the top, I decided to jump and leave my comfort zone (holding my partner in crime) to create our own project: Banquete de Ideas, the first digital content e-restaurant where we feed content to brands that you want to sell more.

Mésame Mucho is the place in the world where all the things that I like are. Here I give free rein to my passion for gastronomy, life and the universe that unites them. See if I dream strong that now Mésame Mucho is also a book for restless foodies with exclusive content edited by Anaya for sale in all the bookstores.


Eat&love is a foodie & lifestyle guide born in Madrid and written by Susana&Fabio: a young, ‘millennial’ and fun couple that, as we all do, seeks for happiness in life (and a yummy dish to taste!). Every week Susana&Fabio share here their favorite spots to eat, drink (and, of course, love!) in Madrid: friend-like recommendations written in a fun, honest, natural and practical style with gorgeous pictures the will make you alive as Pavlov’s dog once did. Eat&love is also about traveling: Every month Susana&Fabio share their ‘Lovely Planet’ city & trip guides: alternative experiences of Europeann capitals and exotic countries for foodies and millennials looking for fun, authentic and unique experiences.


ANAKJAJAN.COM is a food, travel and lifestyle blog based in Jakarta – Indonesia. The blog is owned and founded by Marius Tjenderasa and
Julia Veronica, husband, and wife who share a big passion for travel and culinary experiences. AnakJajan is our diary, we created it to document our food and travel journey also we hope our blog can be a helpful guide for anyone who needs food and travel recommendation, therefore, we tried our best to be as informative as possible.

Bloggin’ Madrid

Bloggin’ Madrid is a direct, up-to-date and social media-integrated communication tool which the Madrid Tourism Office uses as an alternative way of promoting tourist attractions and certain events.
Multiple collaborators give readers specific guidelines, advice, and tips to help them discover what to see and do in the city. The blog is currently available in four languages: Spanish, English, French and
Italian, with the Spanish version being the most extensive. The content is divided into various sections: “Art & Culture”, “Food & Drink”, “Shopping”, “Entertainment”, “With the Kids” and “LGBT”.

On The Luce – Travel Blog

On the Luce provides inspiration and advice to help you make the most of your travel time and get a taste of luxury on a budget – in the UK, Europe and beyond. The site highlights the sights, culture, and experiences that make each place unique. It combines inspirational stories and beautiful photos with all the useful details you need to make the trip a reality. From weekend break ideas to rail adventures, reviews of quirky accommodation to unusual angles on your favorite destinations.

El Madrid Que No Fue

Here’s a quick word from the blogger himself: “I think that my blog is special because there are many blogs that talk about the splendid history, art, monuments and urbanity of Madrid, but just one that talks about the monuments that were supposed to be built in Madrid, but finally were never built. I talk about a Madrid that could have been, with different squares, monuments or buildings, projects that, in many cases, were prepared by great architects, but for many reasons were rejected and became part of this blog, which is called “The Madrid that was never built”, or “El Madrid que no fue“.

Madrid & You

Madrid&You is all about the love of Madridand we consider this amazing city as the best one in the world. Therefore, once per week, we communicate with our followers to tell them about our history, traditions, and events; Madrid&You blog is the perfect tool for enjoying the city of Madrid from a different perspective. To feel it like a local and enjoying it with all the secrets to know about Madrid.

La Madrid Morena

La Madrid Morena is a personal blog about Madrid. In it I talk about cultural plans, excursions and above all gastronomy. Also, being Italian, restaurants specialized in the cuisine of my country have a very important place in the blog. Because many say that they prepare the authentic Italian pasta or pizza, but then you have to find out if it’s true … Perhaps the soul of the Italian-Madrilenian of my blog is what makes it different and unique. In 2013, in just eight months of life, my blog won the prize for Best Blog in the category ‘My city’ awarded by the newspaper 20 minutos.

Esto Es Malasaña

This is Malasaña” was born in 2012 when its creator, Adriana Fernández Alcol, comes to live in this neighborhood in the center of Madrid, where she narrates in first person her experiences and discoveries. In it, we will find a mix of places, opinion pieces and reviews of all kinds, where you look for proposals that anyone can enjoy if you visit the capital of Spain. An important detail is that if you want to read this blog, you should go directly to it, since the end of 2018, Adriana has decided to live without social networks and focus on what she likes most: writing.

Desbravano Madrid

A quick word from the author: “Desbravando Madrid was created to supply a need for information about Madrid to the Portuguese speaking tourists. When I arrived in Madrid back in 2013 and started to look for curiosities, legends, fun facts, tips & tricks about the city and specially information about those details that do not appear on Lonely planet kind of guides, I found that there was no information in Portuguese. So I decided to create it!

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond is a great blog run by Matt, a professional photographer, and adventurer. In 2010 he quit his job, sold everything he owned to follow his dreams. In his posts, he advises us, motivates us and makes us learn from his traveling mistakes. The quality of his photos off the charts and his destination choices are very original. The content of his articles would be suitable for any type of traveler interested in stunning landscapes, cultural immersion, exotic food or photography.

Why have you created this blog? : “I enjoy sharing the excitement of adventure travel with others, inspiring them to discover new destinations that may not have been on their radar. To dive deep into local culture and learn something new about the world we all live in. To help give them the courage to venture outside their comfort zones. The catalyst to start my travel blog was working an unfulfilling job, and feeling a bit lost without a purpose. So in the hopes of injecting some inspiration into my life again, I took a risk by saving some money, quitting my job, and backpacking through Central America for a year while sharing the journey with family and friends via the blog. But soon other people started to follow along too. And I was having such a good time, that I did everything I could to figure out how to make travel blogging my full-time job.” Matt

Alternative Travelers

Alternative Travelers is a sustainable vegan travel blog run by couple Sam and Veren. Originally from New York City, they lived in Madrid, Spain for two years while teaching English and freelance writing. On their blog you’ll find tips and reflections moving to Spain, working abroad, living in Madrid, learning the Spanish language and culture, and exploring lesser-known parts of Madrid and Spain. They’re the experts on Madrid‘s extensive vegan and vegetarian food scene and have written many blog posts on the subject. They are authors of The Madrid Vegan Guidebook that guides plant-based eaters living or traveling in the capital. The book is not just a food guide but a full out the guidebook, with insider tips like using Madrid‘s fantastic public transportation system, alternatives to the typical tourist sights, and day trip suggestions.
Aside from Madrid, their blog talks widely about house sitting and sustainable travel. They share advice on how to travel on a budget by house sitting, which involves taking care of homes and animals in exchange for accommodation. As house sitters, they have traveled throughout Spain, Europe, the US, and the Caribbean, staying in places like Granada, Valencia, Florence, London, Glasgow, Berlin, NYC, Portland, and many other places. Finally, learn how to be a more responsible traveler and reduce the impact you have on environments, locals, and animals with their sustainable travel guides.

Forever Barcelona Tours

ForeverBarcelona is a private tour company specializing in Barcelona tours, and we started our blog with the goal of providing lots of tips and ideas for our customers as well as other travelers who might not be able to take a private tour but will definitely benefit from our knowledge – and we love sharing our passion for Barcelona!
Barcelona has many faces, and we love discussing all of them in our blog: sometimes we share local traditions, some other times we make hotel or restaurant recommendations, we can discuss politics or history or offer travel tips that are specific for Barcelona such as travel or opening hours. We summarize information that would take hours of research to gather together and that is often not so easy to find on guide books. And our readers often say how useful our posts were to help them organize their trip beyond their touring with us. That makes us so proud!
Don’t be fooled by the name of Forever Barcelona as they provide excellent articles on how to visit Madrid.

Plan your trip to Madrid

All the above-mentioned bloggers have all provided an amazing guide on what to do and see while visiting Madrid. Don’t let your bags hold you back from experiencing Madrid from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart. Store your bags with one of our 50 luggage storage locations all around Madrid.