How Millennials travel – Statistics for 2020
How Millennials travel – Statistics for 2020
Last updated: Nov 4, 2020 · 3 min read

How Millennials Travel Statistics


The Millennial generation has been a recurring topic in the last couple of years. “How Millennials are killing [insert industry]” is perhaps the trendiest theme for articles nowadays.

This generation, named Gen Y as well, includes those born between the beginning of the ’80s to the beginning of the ’90s. These Millennials are tech savvies, independent thinkers, and natural multitaskers. And they like to travel more than any other generation before them.

Today we want to focus on the Millennials’ ways of traveling. Here we bring you some statistics: they’ll help you have a better understanding of Millennials and their traveling behavior.


Millennials and technology

Technology has played a major role in Millennials’ lives. And because of this, this Gen Y interacts with tech like no other generation. It’s easy to observe this interaction when looking at these stats:

  • 66% of Millennials will use their smartphones to book their trips
  • Over 27% will also use their phones to book hotels online
  • Reviews are important: 85% admit that online reviews affected their travel decisions.


Ok, Millennials love to travel. But what are their motivations for it?

  • 86% of Millennials will travel to experience a new culture
  • 55% would like to engage with the locals
  • 46% wish to experience the “daily life” of the destination
  • 44% choose party as the main motivation
  • 28% travel for the sake of shopping
  • 78% want their trip to be educational, and take some knowledge out of the experience


How does Gen Y travel?

By taking a look at the following statistics, you’ll learn how Millennials prefer traveling with: solo trips, groups, couples? Let’s find out


  • 58% would love to solo travel, and 26% already dared to!
  • 40% will travel with a group of friends in the next 12 months
  • 58% of Millennials prefer traveling with their friends, in comparison with other generations at only 38%
  • 44% of Millennials that are parents have taken a family trip.

What do you think? Are you part of the Millennial generation and you feel identified with his stats? Perhaps you’re a Gen Z or a Baby Boomer, but you still find yourself portrayed in these stats.


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