COVID-19 Update, December 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently affecting most of the world, and we at LuggageHero are monitoring the situation closely. For updates on the current situation and precautions, please visit World Health Organization​. We consider the health and safety of everyone to be our top priority, which is why we are offering contactless booking and luggage storage. We have taken measures to temporarily close accounts with storage partners who cannot operate because of local regulations and the current health situation in their cities. However, we look forward to welcoming all our storage partners back online when the situation is under control. We’re proud to support even more local businesses when things lighten up, hopefully in the near future.

COVID-19 has reminded us that we’re not always able to predict the future, but we can learn from the past.


Our community of local shops and hotels

At LuggageHero we are committed to supporting our local community of +1,000 local shops in +40 cities. We are in close contact with affected partners that are taking measures to meet their needs currently, which is why we are offering contactless booking and luggage storage. To ensure the safety of storage partners, we have updated our guidelines for our storage procedures to make the process even more seamless and to reduce any health risks in relation to greeting travelers on a daily basis. 

We recommend that all our storage partners let travelers drop off and pick up their luggage themselves under the supervision of staff. This way we reduce the risk of spreading the virus by eliminating contact with the same surfaces.

Our community of travelers

For the past 3 years, we have had more than 250,000 people join our journey to set travelers free in over 40 different cities. It’s our responsibility to make sure that it’s safe to use our service while traveling. As mentioned, we have updated our guidelines for our storage procedures to offer contactless booking and luggage storage. This minimizes any health risks in the future to ensure the safety of our partners and our customers. 

This is achieved by customers first booking online or via our app. At the shop, customers can drop off and pick up their own luggage in storage. This helps avoid the spread of the virus by touching the same surfaces. Mask use will be dependent on local regulations.

We are regularly checking in with our community to be aligned on the current situation. Our community is composed of very frequent travelers, with the majority taking more than five trips a year. That’s why we continue to monitor the expectations from our community on future travel plans. We have initiated specific ​COVID-19 guides for all impacted cities​ to provide regular updates for travelers to make sure they can travel safely.



We value our great partnership with short-term vacation rental partners who are deeply affected at the moment. To help, we have contacted all of them with the opportunity to advertise special deals to our +250,000 users when travel re-emerges. We have also gathered special deals from partners that want to offer accommodations for ​health care workers​.

We will also be hosting a webinar for rental partners with Carlos Villaro Lassen, CEO of ​EHHA​, who will give his take on the current crisis in terms of short-term rentals. During the webinar, a Growth Hack Expert will be also giving out great tips and advice on how you as a short-term rental company can generate traffic when travel bounces back. More information on the webinar will follow soon.

We strongly believe travel will have a massive comeback when the time is right, and we look forward to helping travelers and supporting local businesses once again, very soon.


Stay safe!

Air high-fives,
The LuggageHero Team