One-day Trip Destinations for Spring and Summer Time
One-day Trip Destinations for Spring and Summer Time
Last updated: Dec 21, 2023

One-day Trip Destinations for Spring and Summer Time

Would you like to go on a journey, yet you’re too busy with your everyday life and therefore an entire week of vacation is not possible? If the answer is yes, you should consider a day trip. LuggageHero has selected 5 best one-day trip destinations with suggestions of what you could do while there.



Austin being the capital of Texas has a lot to offer, though if you have only one day to spare continue reading and learn which places you cannot miss during your stay. 

You can start your trip at one of the most famous sights in Austin – the Texas State Capitol. This huge, pink-granite building is even considered a National Historic Landmark, due to its nationwide recognition as the most distinguished state capitols. While there, you can join a free 30-minute tour and learn all about the history of the Texas State Capitol. 

After an educational trip at the Texas State Capitol, why not grab a bite at downtown Austin, which has a variety of dishes, starting from street food to exclusive Michelin-star-rated restaurants?

You can do your shopping in the South Congress neighborhood. There are countless clothing and accessory stores, new or thrift, vintage, and handcrafted items. There is something for everyone in South Congress.

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Boston is one of America’s oldest cities and has played a significant part in the country’s history. It offers a fantastic mix of culture, architecture, and beautiful surroundings. Begin your one day in Boston by walking the Freedom Trail by following the red bricks and metal seals that will guide you along the way. The route leads from the Boston Common to the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill

Visitors can explore interesting spots, such as the popular Faneuil Hall marketplace with a wide range of locally produced goods. Remember to stop at Quincy Market for a nice meal while you’re wandering the marketplace.

Along with other things, explore Paul Revere’s house to learn more about the American Revolution, the venue of the Boston Tea Party, or check out Harvard University (the first built university in America, in 1636). For a touch of relaxation, opt for a boat ride in the Boston Public Garden. Even if you only have 24 hours in Boston, don’t miss out on the picturesque neighborhood of Beacon Hill.

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Fort Lauderdale

This beautiful city is located in Florida. Therefore, if you are looking for a warm location to visit in the U.S., this place is perfect for you. No matter at which season you decide to visit Fort Lauderdale, the temperature will never drop below 65 °F. It is suggested that travelers might want to visit this city between late November to May to skip rain and thunderstorms, and rather enjoy warm and safe weather.

The city is famous for its breathtaking nature scene, which you can check out yourself by visiting Hugh Taylor Birch State Park which is conveniently located right in the middle of the city. Entry to this park is completely free! If you don’t feel like just walking, you can also go swimming, fishing or even canoeing.

If you previously thought of visiting Fort Lauderdale, it most likely was because you have seen pictures of this city’s beaches somewhere online. Those pictures were probably taken at Fort Lauderdale Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. Crystal-clear water, golden sand, and a never-ending supply of sunshine are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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Another city in our list which is located in the Sunshine State, is famous worldwide for its beaches, food, and music. There is so much to do in Miami, though for a day trip, you can choose to visit the most iconic beaches and other places listed below.

South Beach, probably the most popular beach in the state, is worth visiting, though if you feel like avoiding big crowds you can instead opt for Sunny Isles Beach. Which is not as touristy as South Beach therefore it might be a better choice for a one-day type of trip where you want to experience the most out of the little time you have in the city.

In the evening try out different restaurants, bars, or nightclubs in downtown Miami. The main street in downtown Miami is Ocean Drive, where you can find Art Deco-style restaurants, bars, and hotels at varying price points.

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New Orleans


New Orleans is one of the most culturally significant cities in the United States, famous for its stunning European-style architecture in the French Quarter district, with a rich history dating back over 300 years. Each spring, the city, also known as the “Big Easy” holds the world’s most famous annual Mardi Gras event, which is famed for its colorful parade floats and party atmosphere.

Begin your visit by wandering around the French Quarter, New Orleans’ historic heart in search of live music and shopping, or grab a famous po’boy sandwich, jambalaya, or beignet (follow the powdered sugar path to the world-famous Cafe du Monde in Jackson Square) at a local café. Continue your trip by shopping along Magazine Street in the Garden District, which is the second most popular district worth visiting on a one-day trip to New Orleans.

The National World War II Museum, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and the Besthoff Sculpture Garden are all worth seeing if you’re seeking for some aesthetic and educational experiences. If time allows, spend a few hours seeing St. Louis Cathedral. It is the oldest cathedral in the United States, built-in 1718.


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