Free Yourself from Luggage

Store your luggage with a local hero for only €1/hour

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Luggage storage in a new & safe way

We let you place your luggage in a certified local shop for a few hours or days making luggage storage easier and cheap

Pick up your luggage anytime and pay only for the hours used. Book risk-free.

Drop off your luggage on arrival or departure day to make the most out of your trip

✔ €1,700 Insurance Included Every Time

✔ Insurance Covers against damage, loss, and theft

✔ Only certified local shops approved by LuggageHero

✔ Your luggage is secured with security seal every time

✔ Online customer service is on hand to assist 24/7

“When you are on holiday you should not waste your time with looking after your luggage. Its brilliant that this service exist. We booked it online and picked up our luggage when it was time to leave for the airport. And the best thing was we got to eat in a great restaurant to.”

Michael Porter. US

“Great business idea. Instead of wasting time to find luggage storage far away you can enjoy the trip. The web-app is easy to use.”

Pris Meyer. Switzerland

“We love the idea of using local shops for luggage storage. We had 5 hours before going to the airport and we found a perfect spot right in the central of Copenhagen. We would recommend this anytime.”

Anni Holmgren and friends. Norway

How It Works:

Luggage storage check in

Check In When Arriving At The Shop

Wifi is provided in almost every LuggageHero

Safe luggage storage

Security Seal Found In Shop

Luggage storage by the hour

Pay Only For The Hours Used

Luggage storage check out

Check Out When Arriving Back

Left lugagge storage

Recieve Luggage Back

Pay only for the hours used

€1/hour (€2 handling fee) per bag

✔ You never pay more than €10 per day per bag

✔ €5 additional day

Included insurance €1,700 per bag

Your travel experience is important to us

Full flexibility

You can make any reservation risk-free. You only pay for the hours you end up storing your luggage.

Only pay if you show up

You don’t pay unless you drop off your baggage at a LuggageHero shop. We think that's the how we would prefer a service and therefore No deduction or transaction will be charged your credit card by not showing up for your booking.


Submit your credit card information for swift drop off and pick up at the store. You don’t worry about having the right currency on hand when paying online. All major credit cards are accepted. The shops do not receive cash when using LuggageHero, and the insurance is not valid if the payment has not been made directly to LuggageHero.

Your baggage kept safe

Strict safety procedures are set in place to ensure the safety of your baggage. Each piece of luggage seals with a unique identification number for complete reassurance and to guarantee sureness of no unauthorized access to your belongings. You will receive an automatic receipt to your email of the drop-off and pick-up of your baggage. The shop will ask to see valid receipt before returning any luggage.


In the collaboration between cover holder First and one of the world's biggest insurance companies Lloyds, we are proud of covering each piece of luggage free of charge every time using our luggage service. The insurance is covering up to €1,700 per item luggage. Make sure not to pay cash in shop as insurance will not cover any bookings that are not paid directly to LuggageHero

On hand to support everyday

Live Chat 24/7

Cheapest luggage storage in London and Copenhagen

Do it the smart way

Take advantage of a new smart way to store luggage when visiting London and Copenhagen. We offer innovative luggage storage in Copenhagen and London. Use a local shop as luggage storage and save you the way to an expensive rail station locker. The days of storing luggage in a locker are over.

Travelers can drop any piece of luggage with LuggageHero and make use of its network accounting more than 120 local shops spread out in London and Copenhagen. Local cafés, restaurants, bike shops, bars, hotels, and hostels are all among the network. A local LuggageHero employee certifies and instructs all shops in handling every piece of luggage safe. LuggageHero has put an end to wasting more precious time when you are on your holiday and need a place for your luggage for a few hours or days.



Only pay for what you spent

Customers book luggage storage using our easy online platform on LuggageHero. Simply choose between Copenhagen or London which has both a map service and a search function. The price is only €1/hour with a 2€ handling fee per bag and you never pay more than €10/day for each bag.

LuggageHero can provide the best locations to leave your piece of luggage for only a low hourly rate. LuggageHero has put an end to wasting more precious time when you are on your holiday in London or Copenhagen and need a place for your luggage a few hours or days. Luggage storage has never been easier.

Regular luggage lockers are found often charging you for a full day while you only need it for a few hours. That is why only pay for the hours spent when using a LuggageHero.


We carefully certify and educate all our LuggageHeroes to handle your belongings safe until you decide to pick it up again. All our shops have been reviewed by our local employee from LuggageHero and we do regular quality checks to make sure your belongings are kept safe. Every piece of luggage is insured by LuggageHero. In addition to this, we also provide security seals for each piece of luggage. This will always be provided to you when you arrive at the shop. This makes sure that no one can provide access to your belongings.

You only pay for the hours you spend. Besides the fact that your bags are insured when using LuggageHero we also provide specially designed security seals at all our LuggageHeroes.

Book risk-free

We believe in making your life easier when on holiday or business trip. Therefore we give you the option to book any place risk-free. Book now and we guarantee a space for your luggage entirely for free.

You can choose the place that is most comfortable according to your travel schedule using our online booking engine, and you either book your luggage storage in advance, of course, risk-free or book on arrival in the shop. We have more than 150 places to choose from when you want to store your luggage in either London or Copenhagen so why not free yourself from luggage now.

Luggage lockers London and Copenhagen

The end of storing luggage the old way:

Using luggage lockers for your luggage is both expensive and inconvenient. From now on you can book your luggage storage from among more than 100 locations in Copenhagen and London and always be sure you have space. And best of all it’s risk-free. We don’t charge you if you don’t show up.

Lockers near central station and metro:

LuggageHero has locations near all central stations and Metro so you can be sure to be in proximity to your belongings when moving along from one destination to another.

No more looking for the right currency, coins or meeting up to a luggage locker that is not working. You can just log in on your mobile device and find the most convenient spot for your luggage.

Storing luggage with LuggageHero is safer and more convenient than using a locker. We provide full insurance for every piece of luggage, and your luggage is safely stored away by staff trained in handling your luggage. Every luggage seals with unique luggage tags for your protection. Go ahead and book now.

Featured in the international press

Featured in Daily Mail, The Boston Globe, Metroexpress, Børsen, Berlingske and Finans

Recommended by the official tourist information in London and Copenhagen

Recommended by Visitlondon and Visit Copenhagen