Central station luggage storage - Copenhagen

Store your luggage next to Copenhagen central station:

Alternative to lockers at Copenhagen Central Station

Social Brew in Copenhagen has decided to become part of LuggageHero and thereby offering all travelers to drop their luggage every day right next to Copenhagen Central Station. With this service, you can walk right outside the Copenhagen Central Station to store your luggage. Simply book your luggage storage following this link: Click here to book

Central Station luggage storage just got easier!

This way of storing luggage is the easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to have your luggage stored safely when in Copenhagen.

No more walking down to a locker on the Central Station that only accepts coins, the right currency or is not working properly.

The Cheapest Way to Store luggage in Copenhagen:

You only pay per bag:

  • /hour
  • one-time handling fee
  • Never more than  for the first 24 hours.
  • Any additional day only .

Read more about the concept in our FAQ



Make sure to always make your booking in advance before showing up at the locations.

No show, no pay. We never charge you if you don’t show up for your booking at LuggageHero.

Please note that you cannot pay cash. Only online.

central station luggage storage

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Store your luggage around Copenhagen

1€/hour all over the city