Travel Statistics
Travel Statistics

Looking for statistics for your next article or project?

Do you ever get curious about how many business trips happen in a year, where do people usually travel for honeymoon, or any other numbers related to travel and tourism? You may need the numbers for your school project, an upcoming article or just to satisfy your curiosity. Do not worry. We know the struggle of searching for statistics from a lot of different sources that make your research unnecessarily complicated and tiresome.

You can find statistics in travel and tourism on various topics. That includes statistics on:

  • Demographics
  • Different Destinations
  • Various Trends in travel
  • Statistics and research done about the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our statistics page is constantly growing and we fill it up with new relevant statistics on travel destinations, demographics and the current pandemic situation. If you are looking for something particular, you are welcome to write us at and we will try to find the relevant statistics for you!

The travel statistics hub aims to:

  1. Provide you with relevant and up to date statistics on various topics in tourism and travel.
  2. Provide you with interesting research about travel and tourism (before and after the pandemic).
  3. Provide you with inspiration for your next project in travel and tourism.

How can you use the travel statistics hub

You are welcome to use all infographics and statistics in the travel statistics hub as long as you credit LuggageHero in your writing.

How to credit us:

  1. If posting an article online on your personal or work blog/website, link back to the article you used.
  2. If using one of our infographics of pictures, remember to credit LuggageHero and link back to the article you used.

Thank you! 

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