Luggage Reports and Statistics
Luggage Reports and Statistics

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Latest Lost Luggage Report, 2.8M Bags Mishandled by U.S. Airlines in 2019

For its report, LuggageHero examined mishandled and lost luggage among 17 major U.S. carriers, based on figures in the Air Travel Consumer Report, published by the U.S. Department of Transportation. In 2019, U.S. airlines onboarded more than 484 million bags


Christmas season highest time for lost  luggage; we rank the airlines

You’d better watch out. With Christmas travel so popular, it’s not surprising that December is the top month for airlines to lose or mishandle your luggage. So if you’ll be carrying a suitcase filled with gifts on either end of your journey, you might want to book with the airline least likely to lose your bags.

These are the airlines to fly with for Halloween

No need to fear! If you’re not sure where to celebrate Halloween, there are some great destinations within reach. If you’re a witch, you can likely get their by jet broom, but for you mere mortals, an airplane might be the best way to reach faraway spooky lands and popular parties. Travelaway and Escapehere have great lists with popular cities such as:

  • London with its bloody past
  • Dracula’s home city of Transylvania
  • Sleepy Hollow which is known for the timeless legend about the Headless Horseman (New York)

These airlines are least (and most) likely to lose your luggage during holiday season 

Nothing takes the happy out of the holidays like having an airline lose your luggage, especially when your suitcase is filled with Thanksgiving treats or Christmas gifts for family and friends.

That’s why American Airlines, Expressjet Airlines and Skywest Airlines might find coal in their Christmas stockings this year. Based on their performance over the past three years, those three airlines are the most likely to lose or mishandle your luggage in November and December.

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