A Travel Tip From Founder of LuggageHero
A Travel Tip From Founder of LuggageHero
Last updated: Feb 6, 2020 · 1 min read

A Travel Tip From Our Founder

Travelers today are fast-paced and demand more convenience and flexibility than ever before. With rigorous work schedules and ambitious social calendars, young people are redefining what they want out of their travels. All too often a trip to the city turns into a frantic rush to get from one place to the next, to see all the people and attractions on our list. Business travelers are expected to perform their best at morning meetings and still entertain guests at company dinners. Sometimes travelers just need a break — a place to rest and reset before going out and tackling the next tourist destination or conference call with the CEO.   

A new company has come to rescue of leisure and business travelers alike with an exciting (and much needed) twist on traditional hospitality services. Hotels By Day recognizes the needs of today’s jet-setter and has created an innovative, tech-driven solution to meet the demands of a competitive and evolving travel market. A few concepts has come to live offering what Hotels By Day has. And it taps into how we like to see travel in future. 

A New Way to Day-Trip

LuggageHero’s founder, Jannik Lawaetz loves to travel but understands the toll it can take on the mind and body. Jannik travels frequently for work between Copenhagen, New York and London and says that services like this have changed the way he approaches his travel days. Knowing that he has a comfortable place to retreat to between meetings means he can accomplish more during the work day, without the risk of burnout — leaving him with a little extra energy to be as effective as possible!

Hotels By Day is one to try out if you wish to save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary overnight stays for a single day of business travel — getting you home sooner. Their service is also great for families with young children or grandparents who want to explore but need a “home-base” for the day and provides affordable luxury for long-layovers, day-trippers, sightseers and last-minute holiday shoppers. Using the hotel in a new way means you can get out, see more, and take a nap if you need to! 

For day-trippers looking to maximize their afternoon, Hotels by Day lets guests to enjoy all the comforts of having their own space in the city without paying for nights they can’t use. Their service offers hotels for rent by the hour so travelers can prep for business meetings in a quiet space, get the heart rate up in the gym after a long flight, take a shower, enjoy the spa, a nap, or the hotel bar on their layover.

Tech-Solutions Transforming Travel

The Hotels by Day app allows you to search for a hotel based on geolocation, budget, hours, and amenities (work desk, conference rooms, etc). We especially like the fact that we can choose from 600 properties in 227 cities at day-rate discounts up to 50% less than a night-stay!

Book a luxurious few hours at the Club Quarters Hotel in San Francisco, The Hyatt Centric Times Square, The Confidante in Miami, London’s The Grand at Trafalgar Square, or the Intercontinental Wellington in New Zealand — all for less than you’d spend on dinner for two.

Hotel by Day has transformed the hospitality industry,  giving travelers flexibility and freedom when they need it most — and a splash of luxury for those who just want to feel fancy for a few hours!

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