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Security Seal

LuggageHero security seal is attached to your luggage every time you use a LuggageHero

We want you to feel 100% comfortable with leaving your personal belongings behind. That is why we created the LuggageHero Security Seal, which is used in all LuggageHero locations.

The seal works like this:

  1.  The seal is provided when you arrive in a certified shop.
  2. Thread the security seal through the two zipper pulls and tighten it.
  3. Take a picture of the seal after you’ve threaded it through the zippers — with the ID number visible — to ensure the correct bag can be identified as yours.

The shop will help you with these instructions.


If anyone has tampered with or tried opening your bag, the seal will be visibly broken and the unique ID number will no longer match the picture you have taken.

Furthermore, if anything should ever happen to your bag during storage  (damaged, stolen, lost), you are insured for up to . Read more about insurance here.


Example of correctly attached security seal

LuggageHero security tag applied through the zippers

Security seal used in Europe

Suitcase with Security seal

Security seal used in the US

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