Luggage Storage Tips for New York – Penn Station
Luggage Storage Tips for New York – Penn Station
Last updated: Aug 25, 2021 · 3 min read

Luggage Storage Penn Station

There are currently no storage options at Penn Station except for those provided by Amtrak. That is why you may want to look for another storage provider such as luggage storage services that are located near Penn Station. LuggageHero makes a perfect option if you are just looking to store your bags until your next flight or you want to visit attractions that do not allow luggage inside.

How to find the closest storage location to Penn Station 

If you want to drop off your luggage in a service like LuggageHero, you’ll want to find the location closest to you. Nothing more simple, you can go on the reservation pages of LuggageHero or on the application and:

  • Click the “GO!” button.
  • Find all the locations close to you, have the details of the prices and services of each of the locations, inform you via the interactive map.
  • Book without conditions

Our recommendation for luggage storage Penn Station is:

There are approximately 8 LuggageHero luggage storage locations within 800 m of Penn Station. You can find them all here.

The closest and the best rated:

250 m from Penn Station

  • Monday-Friday: 9:45 a.m. to 5h45 p.m.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Each bag is insured for up to $3000 
  • Free cancellation
  • Pay by the hour
  • COVID-19: Follows government issued guidelines on social distancing and hygiene

Other popular luggage storage locations near Penn Station:

Tips on what to do near Penn Station

  • You can explore Broadway, the heart of the commercial film industry;
  • Check out the Empire State Building, one of New York’s most iconic buildings;
  • Shopping at Macy’s Herald, a department store and national historic monument in the United States;
  • You can relax, stroll through High Line Park, built on an elevated train spur, and enjoy one of New York’s many panoramic views;
  • You will surely want to visit the New York Public Library where you can read the archives of all the old magazines.


Broadway Luggage Storage near Penn Station

Shopping near Penn Station

If you are looking for something close to you, you can visit the Manhattan Mall which is only 0.1 mile away. It is the perfect place to shop, it is accessible for everyone.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities near Penn Station, and shopping is a fun activity. You can also visit the Chelsea Market which is only 0.8 miles away and enjoy many unique shops and discover unusual places to eat.

And finally, if you want something a little more unique, just 0.4 miles away, you can visit the Chelsea Flea Market and explore a range of interesting items at low prices.

LuggageHero is the perfect solution for you to enjoy all the wonders of New York and discover more.

Luggage storage during the pandemic

We need to be careful and make sure that each time we drop off or pick up a luggage, we don’t benefit the spread of the virus. We need to remember to keep a safe distance from others and if we have any symptoms of COVID-19, we must always first get tested and wait in quarantine before receiving our results.

  • Remember to sanitize your hands before and after dropping your luggage;
  • Remember to keep distance;
  • Wear a mask before and after dropping your luggage;
  • When you store your luggage in local shops in New York, you are helping support local businesses in these difficult times. Thank you!

Why a LuggageHero Penn Station luggage storage location?

LuggageHero offers you flexible pricing per hour of $1, you get a safety seal on your bag, which ensures each of your bags up to $3000. With LuggageHero, your luggage is safely stored in a location near you and you can pick it up at any time. You can choose to store your luggage in over 130 baggage storage locations in New York City. You can stop searching for lockers near Penn Station and simply book your luggage storage online today.Night storage can also be easily handled, so if you need to drop off your luggage for a few days in New York – no problem.


Luggage storage near Penn Station