Luggage Storage Penn Station

Luggage Storage Penn Station

Luggage Storage Penn Station - 7 days a week - from $1/hour

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Luggage storage Penn Station

Are you looking to rent a locker in NYC? Luggage storage NYC can be found just around the corner from the station. Penn Station itself doesn’t offer bag storage. Keep in mind that Penn Station is one of the busiest rail stations in the world, so it’s best to reserve space for your bags in advance. If you are looking for Penn Station locker rentals then this page should solve your issues.

Penn Station is located in Midtown West, from 30th to 34th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues. The best way to go get to Penn station is via subway or bus.

Penn Station storage options in local shops will give you the convenience to explore New York City without dragging your luggage around. Don’t plan your travel days on the terms of your luggage but turn your travel days into holidays.



Is there luggage storage in Penn Station?

There are currently no storage options at Penn Station except for those provided by Amtrak. That is why you may want to look for another storage provider such as luggage storage services that are located near Penn Station. One of such options is Luggage Hero. With only 1$ per hour, LuggageHero will store your baggage. That makes it a perfect option if you are just looking to store your bags until your next flight or you want to visit attractions that do not allow luggage inside.

With only 8$ for a whole day (which is less than Amtrak, that costs 10$ a piece), LuggageHero offers storage in various shops and hotels around Penn Station. For the safety of your luggage – it is insured for up to 3000$ per bag. That means that if you left 2 suitcases and the two of them got stolen (which is very highly unlikely), you would receive up to 6000$ in insurance! There is no reason to worry about your belongings and you get to just enjoy the city hands-free.

You can have a look at the map and find your nearest location for luggage storage


Explore all shops and bag storage locations near you.

Why choose LuggageHero for Penn Station luggage storage?

LuggageHero offers you flexible pricing per hour you get a security seal on your bag, which ensures each of your bags up to . With LuggageHero, your luggage is safely and conveniently stored at a location near you. You can choose from 130+ luggage storage locations in New York City. With LuggageHero you no longer need to search for storage lockers near Penn Station.

With more than 140 LuggageHeroes around New York, you have more than enough reasons to leave your luggage behind while you explore NYC. Overnight storage can also easily be handled.

All our shops are certified by LuggageHero and all bags are sealed off with our security seals ensuring each piece of luggage up to .



No luggage storage inside Penn Station

  • Open 24/7 – 7 days a week
  • No Penn Station lockers or luggage storage.
  • Find our storage location around the corner by clicking here.

New York Penn Station (also known as Penn Station) has a direct train to Newark Airport and is located just next to Madison Square Garden, in the Midtown area of Manhattan. This makes it an excellent location to store your luggage when you arrive or depart from New York City. There are many options for luggage storage near Penn Station to consider.

The station itself doesn’t offer any luggage lockers at Penn Station. Luckily we have partnered up with existing businesses just around Penn Station to offer travelers convenient and cheap luggage storage from only . They are called LuggageHeroes and your luggage is sealed and insured from  when stored with one of them (best luggage storage penn station) . A great solution which help you to find public lockers near you.

Let us help you make the most of your days in New York by providing you with convenient and reliable NYC Penn Station luggage storage. Bag storage near Penn Station can be a nuisance if you don’t have the correct information and waste time looking for lockers near Penn Station.


Take Amtrak from Penn Station

More than half a million people pass through Penn Station daily. Thus, there is a lot of left luggage in Penn Station. This makes New York Penn Station one of the busiest train hubs in North America. So, before you enter the station, you should have at least a rough idea of where you want to go next. Check the directions here


Must-visits around Penn Station

  • Explore Broadway, the heart of the commercial theatrical industry
  • Go and see one of the most iconic buildings of New York – the Empire State Building
  • Shop in Macy´s Herald, which is the largest department store in the USA and is also registered as a national historic landmark
  • Unwind in High Line Park, built on an elevated train spur, and enjoy one of the many scenic views of New York
  • Visit New York Public Library where you can read archives of all the old magazines

Madison Square Garden lockers 

There are no lockers located at Madison Square Garden but you can find many alternatives to storing your luggage nearby. Explore the alternatives for Madison Square Garden lockers here.

Shopping near Penn Station

Shopping around Penn Station can be a fun thing to do while you wait for your train. There are numerous opportunities for shopping near Penn Station. For example, you can visit the Chelsea Market which is only 0.8 miles away and check out a lot of unique shops and places to eat.

If you are looking for something closer, you can check out the Manhattan Mall which is only 0.1 mile away and is a great shopping place for anyone.

If you want something a bit more unique, just 0.4 miles away you can check out the Chelsea Flea Market and explore a range of interesting items at low prices.

To explore these shopping opportunities, you may need to leave your bags behind at a locker rental at Penn Station or simply use the LuggageHero service nearby.

How to safely store luggage during COVID-19

Storing luggage in Manhattan Penn Station can be a bit difficult nowadays as the place is often crowded. It is important to remember being careful when storing luggage at Penn Station even though shops are complying with the government restrictions and doing their best to stop the spread.  It is also up to us to be extra careful as customers and make sure we don’t contribute to the spread of the virus.

luggageHero covid safety NYC

Explore luggage storage options near Penn Station with our Map



Luggage Storage at Penn Station Newark

Don’t let it confuse you. Penn Station Newark is the same as Pennsylvania Station. It has 8 track and 6 platforms. Here, you can find connections to NJ Transit bus, Coach USA, Greyhound Lines and Fullington Trailways.

Download our free luggage storage app:

You can also download our LuggageHero Penn Station bag storage app where you can see all our locations and choose the one closest to you for Penn Station luggage storage.

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.


Where to keep luggage in NYC

With LuggageHero you can store your luggage in 130+ locations around NYC and plenty of them are just near Penn Station Newark. The booking process is quick and easy; doesn’t waste your money and saves you time.


Frequently Asked Questions about Penn Station

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Penn Station.

What are the station's waiting room's opening hours?

Penn Station's waiting room is open 24/7.

What are Penn Station's ticket office's opening hours?

The opening hours for the ticket office are Monday-Sunday 5:10am - 10:00pm.

Is there parking available at Penn Station?

Yes, there is - same-day parking and overnight parking are both available for a fee.

Is Penn Station accessible?

The station has an elevator, accessible bathrooms, an accessible ticket sales office and an accessible platform.

Is there baggage storage at Penn Station?

Free passenger assistance, including baggage-handling and courtesy wheelchairs where available, is provided by station staff. Further, there is baggage assistance provided by Red Caps. However it is in high demand with long waits.

Is there Wifi at the waiting room in Penn Station?

The waiting area for ticketed passengers has seats, outlets and WiFi available.

What are some options for getting to the airport from Penn Station?

NYC Airporter provides bus transportation to and from John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport, and is authorized by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the New York City Department of Transportation.

How far is Penn Station from Grand Central Station?

Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station are two of the most important transportation hubs in Manhattan; one is east, one is west and both are in midtown. The distance between them is a walkable (and free) 1.2 miles, but there are other ways to go from one to the other.

How far is Penn Station from Times Square?

The distance between Penn Station and Times Square is 0.5 miles.

Are there restrooms at Penn Station?

There are public restrooms in Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal and The Port Authority and they are fairly clean. There are also public restrooms in most major depaprtment stores like Macys and Bloomingdales.

Is luggage storage with LuggageHero safe?

Luggage storage with LuggageHero is completely safe. What makes it safe is the high insurance you get for your items - up to 3000$! On top of that, all our locations are regularly checked by LuggageHero employees.

How far is Penn Station from Manhattan?

Penn Station is only 3 miles away from Manhattan. You can reach Manhattan from Penn Station by taking the C train which will only take you around 13 minutes to arrive.