Solo traveling in numbers – Statistics 2019/2020
Solo traveling in numbers – Statistics 2019/2020
Last updated: Nov 4, 2020 · 3 min read

Solo traveling in numbers

Have you ever thought about taking a trip by yourself? Maybe you’re doing some research to finally make up your mind, or perhaps you’re just curious about why solo traveling is a trend nowadays. Either way, here we bring you some of the latest statistics regarding solo traveling for your enjoyment!

A trend that keeps rising

For the last couple of years, this way of tourism has experienced growth. Many tour operators, hotels, and others services in the tourism and hospitality industry now offer special services for these special costumers: shared-rooms, group guided tours where solo bookings are available, and even travel clubs where you can find other solo travelers going to the same destination.

In today’s post, we will take a look at the motivations for these adventurous travelers, their motivations, who’s the demographic more prone to travel by themselves, and their views on safety regarding traveling alone around the world.

So don’t lose any more time and keep on reading to find the answers to all of these questions!

Why do people solo travel?

If traveling on your own never crossed your mind before, you’re probably thinking what are these travelers’ motivations to take this risk.

Agoda‘s survey on solo trips gave us some interesting numbers on the reasons behind solo traveling:

  • 61% of the responses pointed out that the main motivation for the trip was “relaxation and time to unwind”
  • 52% of the respondents chose their principal reason was to get away from the routine
  • 45% chose as their motivation to explore new cultures

British Airways Global Solo Travel Study also found out different motivations for solo travelers:

  • 76% answered that their main motivation was “to do what I want”, meaning the travelers don’t have to be bothered by accomodating their wishes or plans to another person or group of people.
  • 63% agreed that they solo travel to take some time out for themselves
  • 37% chose as their motivation to explore a new destination
  • 31% of the respondents just travel solo as a chance to meet new people

Who solo travel?

Are you curious to see how’s more likely to “fly solo” after reading the main motivations? Younger versus older generations, men versus women, keep on reading and figure it out!

Is solo travel safe?

When you travel with your significant other, your group of friends, or family you feel like you have some sort of backup. If you forget about check when the tour starts or the time you have to leave your hotel room, there’s always going to be someone with you to remind you. Walking around through unknown city streets by yourself might feel a bit uneasy. Let’s see what solo travelers have to say about this matter:

  • 76% of women travelers admitted they would feel unsafe on a holiday just by themselves
  • 30% of solo travelers acknowledged that their families weren’t happy about them traveling solo
  • 33% of the adventurous solo travelers thought at first they would get lonely while on their trip

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