Warm up with 7 travel-tech gift ideas for winter
Warm up with 7 travel-tech gift ideas for winter
Last updated: Jun 9, 2020

Warm-up with 7 travel-tech gift ideas for winter


Even though we strive to move away from materialism and toward enhancing personal experience and relationships, there are some material things that combine those urges. We’re talking about those items that can amplify the human experience and bring you closer to the ones you love this holiday season.

If you’re traveling during the cold winter months, either alone or with a loved one, or whether you’re coming home to a fun and lively house dressed as Santa, we’ve made a list (in no particular order) of the 7 best winter travel-friendly tech gadgets that can soothe the stress of traveling or serve as a thoughtful holiday gift. After all, ‘tis the season of giving, that time of the year when we think of others. And, heck, maybe also include your name on the Christmas list this year and treat yourself to some winter-weather travel goods.

Travel Drone

Perfect for travelers who like to record and share their experiences on the go, this DJI Mavic 2 Pro makes a perfect holiday gift and might just be perfect for you, too. It’s the smallest travel-friendly drone that folds up and easily fits into your carry-on. However, don’t let the small size of the drone fool you; the features are the same as you see in larger ones. What’s unique about this drone is its powerful camera, which takes sharp 20-megapixel stills and can shoot 10-bit 4k videos. The minimal noise the drone makes with its new blade design is another great feature, because you don’t want to disturb people while filming and traveling. Besides it being quiet, not having your drone crash into something is also important. This one is equipped with multiple 1” CMOS sensors to help prevent crashes; a huge safety feature. And the best feature — its 1-minute setup time. That quickly, it’s ready to fly right out of your carry-on.


Although nothing compares to the feeling of reading paperback by a warm fireplace during the winter, the Kindle Voyage E-Reader provides you with another kind of satisfaction, especially if you plan on traveling for the holidays. With its upgraded resolution and screen design, this e-reader feels much nicer on the eyeballs than reading paperback under dimmed light. The brightness of the screen also adjusts accordingly, which is perfect for when you’re reading during your cross-Atlantic flight where day turns into night in seconds. Also worth noting is the cute origami-style case the e-reader comes with which acts as additional protection and as a stand too. Another reason why the Kindle is perfect for travelers is the convenience of the soft-touch which enables you to gently go back and forward with one easy swipe of your finger, without having to press buttons while sitting tight between two other passengers. The micro-etching effect also makes it feel more like you’re sliding your fingers over paper, so reading while traveling doesn’t have to feel like you’re away from your homey ambient. Not to mention that it’s small in size (6.4″ x 4.5″ x 0.30″) and takes up less room in your carry-on than a pair of gloves. Gloves? How about pairing the Kindle Voyage E-reader with a pair of warm gloves – now wouldn’t that make for a thoughtful holiday gift?

Smart Carry-On Suitcase

Remember that time when your carry-on was all bulk-factor but no convenience-factor? Well, this Carry-On Suitcase by Away is the antithesis of that. With its small dimensions of 21.7” x 13.7” x 9” and light weight of 7.6 lbs, it fits perfectly in any airline overhead bin, while still providing you with the space and double compartment feature you need for staying neat and organized. It comes with a battery that can charge your phone anywhere, anytime and saves you from finding power outlets at the airport and carrying adaptors with you. Most importantly, it’s durable, safe and complies with airline policies everywhere. Its quiet wheels provide a smooth ride, while the zipper/lock combination are an excellent safety feature. So, fly home safe this season ‘cause the Christmas crew awaits.

***When you purchase anything from Away this season, you’re helping Peace Direct which is an international organization dedicated to preserving peace on earth.

The Nomatic Travel Bag

The 40L Nomadic Travel Bag is another example of smart travel gear with its 20+ features, organization factor, shoe compartment, laptop sleeve and carry-on size. Made with durable and water-resistant materials and its switch from duffel to backpack-carry, it’s perfect for those 5-7 day trips where you just know it will suit you well for any occasion or situation. This easy-to-store travel bag also includes waist straps and a laundry bag so you can stay organized throughout your trip. The best part about it is that it weighs less than 4 lbs and allows you to pack more with you without the stress of being over the weight limit. Traveling with this smart travel bag can turn any travel day into a holiday and can be a wonderful gift for a travel-lover.

Compression Socks

If your feet swell while flying (but you know you didn’t eat a salty breakfast that morning), then it’s time to put some Phsix Gear Compression Socks in your Christmas stocking. These durable socks are proven to increase blood flow and boost circulation in your legs. Also, they’re made from antibacterial fabrics, are super soft on the skin and you can fit them in the smallest pocket of your carry-on. They’re comfortable, they look fun and they’re no longer only for your great-grandparents. For only 10 dollars a pair, it makes for a great gift idea to go in someone else’s stocking this holiday.

Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

Although Hi-Tech Foot Warmers are ranked as the World’s Oddest Invention, we say, “as long as they keep our feet warm this winter, we’ll take them!” These ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insoles by Thermacell are operated by a wireless remote while the soles are inside your shoes. These insoles use wireless technology without wires, cords or battery straps. With rechargeable batteries deep inside the foot warmer, you can adjust to three temperature settings. Also, having the option of choosing your size adds to the comfort factor. Most airline companies should allow you to carry on these warming soles as the lithium-filled battery should not be a problem, but disposable foot warmers are a second-best option if you’re unsure of your airline’s policy. A wonderful gift idea for those winter wonderland lovers, TheremaCell insoles fit right into any Christmas stocking and as long as your feet are kept warm this winter, traveling should be a breeze.

Wine Bag

Wining, dining and traveling all at once should be a thing in 2020 and with the Vina 3-Bottle Wine Carrier, you can do just this. The practical wine bag makes it possible for you to bring your three favorite wines with you wherever you go, thanks to the dividers that prevent the bottles from breaking. The bag is also insulated and provides temperature control. The extra pockets in the front can be used to fit in wine protector sleeves in case you want to bring and use them, and are also a perfect place for some cheese and cracker snack packs to pair with the wine. Furthermore, this wine bottle carrier makes for a perfect holiday gift for a fellow travel (and wine) lover.

Who says Christmas has to be experienced in all it’s seriousness? Everyone can allow themselves some fun during the holidays by trying out a few hi-tech and quirky things on the market, especially if they’re also useful, convenient and travel-friendly. So, treat yourself to something cool and fun this holiday. ‘Tis the season of giving, yes, but ‘tis also the season to be jolly!

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