How to use the Luggage Storage app in London
How to use the Luggage Storage app in London

Using the bag storage app in London

If you eventually find yourself standing near Gatwick airport with your luggage, searching “where to store luggage in London” or “luggage storage near me” on your phone, then you are in luck.  If you are visiting the Big Ben or the Tower Bridge, or any other place in London, you are able to use LuggageHero’s bag storage app for all your needs – simple and easy. The next time you’re in London, remember that you can use LuggageHero’s app for a quick and easy find of your desired luggage storage location. Enjoying the city has never been so easy before.

About the luggage storage app

The LuggageHero bag storage app uses your location to show storage locations available around you in London – no matter where you are. You can also browse locations based on major traffic hubs, points of interest or specific addresses such as the National Gallery or the London Eye. The app allows you to book and reserve space for a specific number of bags at a particular date, and gives you the address/directions for the storage location you choose to book.

How to use the LuggageHero app:

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How the bag storage app can be used in 5 easy steps:

1. Find storage points nearby
– you can simply open the LuggageHero bag storage app and find the nearest location to you or your destination in London.
2. Book and get directions
– after you choose your bag storage location in London, you can get directions towards it and find your way to the shop. There is no confusion of having to find the shop on your own.
3. Start the timer upon drop-off.
– After you arrive at your luggage storage location, you can start the timer upon drop off. Remember – you only get charged after starting the timer, never before.
4. Explore London without the weight of your luggage.
– Now that your luggage is stored and safe you have  the opportunity to explore London with no worries.
5. Get your bags and stop the timer.
-After you’re done exploring , you can go back to your luggage storage location in London and pick up your bags. As you pick up the bags, remember to stop the timer on the app – you only pay for the actual time spent. Easy and convenient!


Popular storage locations you can book through the bag storage app in London:

1. Luggage storage Victoria

351m from Victoria Station

Price per bag

£1/hour (+£2 handling fee) and never more than £8/day

bag storage london

2. Luggage storage London – 434 m from the London Eye

Price per bag

£1/hour (+£2 handling fee) and never more than £8/day

bags in London stored


3.  Luggage storage near Tower Bridge – 294 m from Tower Bridge

Open 24 hours every day.

Price per bag

£1/hour (+£2 handling fee) and never more than £8/day


Often searched for locations where luggage storage is available in London through the app: 

  1. Book near Victoria Station 
  2. Book near King’s Cross Station
  3. Book near Paddington Station
  4. Book near St Pancras International
  5. Book near Waterloo Station

Explore more locations in London through the bag storage app –  Download here: 

LuggageHero’s storage sites are usually certified hotels, cafes and shops in London – whether you need to find a place near The London Eye for luggage storage or the National Gallery – we got you covered. The address and directions are available at the time of booking and are emailed to you as well. If you don’t wish to download the luggage storage app, you can book over 120 locations in London directly by clicking here. 


Best rated in London: LuggageHero 

Why LuggageHero is a good option in London:

The service uses only certified shops and provides insurance (£2200) at over 120 different Luggage Storage Locations in London making you feel safe as you store even the most precious belongings.

Furthermore, bag storage sites are located inside existing businesses, including retail outlets, hotels, cafes, and more. All are vetted by LuggageHero’s local employee who performs regular quality checks. The location of all shops is near major points in London for travelers – making your journey as easy as it can be.


For more information regarding luggage storage check out our detailed guide for finding luggage storage in London right here.luggage storage app in Paris

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