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Luggage Storage Guide London 2019

Store your luggage anywhere in London from £1/hour

Jun 28, 2017 · 8 min read

Guide: Find trusted luggage storage locations in London

Millions of people are traveling to London each year to explore the city. In fact, London is the most popular city in the world measurent by the number of tourists as more than 30 million people are traveling to the city each year! So carrying your luggage through such a busy city can hurt the entire experience. Therefore, we create a new guide every year in order for us to provide you with the newest information about how and where to store luggage in the beautiful capital of the United Kingdom – London. In other words, here is your 2019 luggage storage guide. Besides information about how and where we also provide you with a discount voucher which you can find further down the page. 

Free Google map showcasing luggage storage locations in London as of 2019:

Press the icons to see details about each location, insurance, and price. This map includes all locations from LuggageHero™ Find luggage storage locations in london and Excess Baggage Company™. The two leading providers of luggage storage in London as of 2019.

To open up this map in full screen: Click here

Note: There are no self-service left lockers at London train stations or left luggage offices at the underground. Luckily, London has many other storage lockers in the city and LuggageHero London has the best tip to finding these storage lockers near you in an easy and simple way.

Best rated in London: LuggageHero Find luggage storage locations in london

LuggageHero uses only certified shops and provides insurance (£2200) and specially designed insurance seals at over 120 different Luggage Storage Locations in London.

Also, luggage storage sites are located inside existing businesses, including retail outlets, hotels, cafes, and more. All are vetted by LuggageHero’s local employee who performs regular quality checks.

Choose the area from below in which you wish to store your luggage:

For a full overview of all Luggage Storage locations:

LuggageHero logo with left luggage

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More info about LuggageHero™:

Featured in Lonely Planet and New York Times.


  • £1/hour and start-up handling fee £2
  • You never pay more than £8 for the first 24 hours per bag.

Discount Voucher:

  • Discount Vouchers? Click here to see if we have any available at the moment.


How to store your luggage at LuggageHero™

  1. Find your location using the online web app
  2. Book risk-free to be guaranteed your spot. You only pay if you end up using your booking
  3. Start the storage timer when you arrive at the shop. Directions are then forwarded by email and SMS
  4. Your bag is secured with a security seal and insurance for up to
  5. Pick up your luggage when convenient
  6. No reason to find the correct currency. Everything is paid online.



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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Online Reviews about LuggageHero:

Each venue on LuggageHero has its own reviews that you can read on each profile. But you can also find reviews about LuggageHero on social media:

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Other luggage storage solutions in London:

Westfield London Cloakroom:


  • Small luggage and handbags:£5
  • Large suitcases:£8

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5:30pm

Cloakrooms at Westfield London Cloakroom can be found at their Shopmobility Concierge desk on level -2, Lift Lobby 2, and at our Click & Collect Lounge on Level -2 and Lift Lobby 1.

Use this Google Map link for address: Ariel Way Shepherds Bush

Westfield Stratford City Cloakroom

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday: 10:00-21:00

Sunday: 12:00-18:00

Cloakrooms at Westfield Stratford City Cloakroom can be found at their Concierge Desk on the Lower Ground Floor next to Carphone Warehouse.


Use this Google Map link: Montfichet Road, Olympic Park East

Victoria Coach Station left luggage office

Opening hours

Daily between 07:00 and 22:45.


  • Up to two hours: £3 per item (no weight consideration)
  • 2-24 hours: £5 per item under 20kg
  • 2-24 hours: £7 per item over 20kg
  • Multiple days charged at a daily rate as above (£5/£7 by weight)
  • (Deposits left longer than 24 hours are charged at multiples of the full 24-hour rate per item)
  • No insurance
  • No security seals for your baggage


Use this Google Map link: 164 Buckingham Palace Road

Kings Cross Self-Storage

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 07:30-18:00.

Saturday: 08:30-17:00.

Sunday: 10:00-16:00.


  • £9.50 per bag per day (room enough for 5 large suitcases)
  • NO security seals for your baggage
  • No insurance


Google Maps Link: Belgrove House, Belgrove Street, Kings Cross, London WC1H 8AA.

Excess Baggage Company at some London train stations

This company is one of the leading providers of luggage storage in London covered at many of the main stations. Also, the prices are also the highest among all options as the locations are placed inside the stations


  • 0 – two hours: £6 per item
  • 3-24 hours: £12.50 per item
  • (Deposits left longer than 24 hours are charged £7.50 per item per 24 hours)
  • Insurance: GBP 200
  • NO security seals for your baggage

Opening hours

Different from each station – see below

Use the map shown in the top of this site to see all the locations shown here.

Alternative: Luggage storage at museums and galleries

If you’re going to store luggage for more than just a few hours it’s sometimes cheaper to use self-storage facilities at museums and galleries. But please be aware of sudden changes as London is on high alert for not leaving luggage behind at public spaces.

In addition, please beware that the British Museum is very restricted to the luggage policy which you can read about here and how to get around it.

Below we’ve gathered a collection of museums and galleries in London where you are sometimes welcome to store luggage. Call ahead if you want to be 100% sure.

National Gallery

Address: Trafalgar Square, WC2

Museum of London

Address: 150 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5HN

Tate Modern

Address: Bankside, SE1

Victoria & Albert Museum

Address: Cromwell Rd, SW7

Natural History Museum

Address: Cromwell Rd, SW7

Science Museum

Address: Exhibition Rd, SW7

National Portrait Gallery

Address: St Martin’s Place, WC2

Imperial War Museum

Address: Lambeth Rd, London, SE1

The Design Museum

Address: 224-238 Kensington High St, London, W8 6AG

The British Library

Address: 96 Euston Rd, London, NW1

Luggage storage at London Airports

If you’re planning to visit London by plane you could consider storing some of your belongings at London Airports using the self-service lockers.

Why you should store your luggage

Sightseeing and attractions just aren’t the same with a suitcase in each hand and a backpack. This is the key reason why you should consider planning where to store your luggage while shopping and exploring the city of London.

Besides the struggling with unhandy suitcases, they also put a physical strain on you as you carry them around with you. Therefore, left luggage storage is the perfect service for you! While storing your luggage in a safe place you’re able to enjoy your time in London.

LuggageHero is an easy & safe place to store luggage in London

Strict safety procedures are set in place to ensure the safety of your baggage. Each piece of baggage is sealed with a unique identification number for complete reassurance and to ensure no unauthorized access to your belongings. You will receive an automatic receipt to your email of the drop-off and pick-up of your baggage. The shop will ask to see a valid receipt from the phone before returning any baggage.

In the collaboration between cover holder First and one of the world’s biggest insurance companies Lloyds we are proud of covering each piece of luggage free of charge every time using our luggage service. The insurance is covering up to £2200 per item luggage.

Book in advance or book on arrival

You single-handedly choose which place that is most comfortable according to your travel schedule using our Online Booking Engine and you can either book your luggage storage in advance or book on arrival in the shop.

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LuggageStorage.London is a new site with a great overview of all options available throughout London from all major companies. We keep upgrading the site so everything is up to date. Alternatively, take a look at the left luggage site from Visitor Londons website.

Frequently asked questions and answers about luggage storage in London


1. Are there storage lockers in London?

Yes, there are many storage lockers in London. Most train stations and airports provide facilities to store luggage. Also, nowadays there are numerous luggage storage companies that provide storage lockers all over London. It is therefore easy to find luggage storage nearby if you have access to the internet. 

2. How do I find luggage storage near me? 

It is easy to find storage lockers nearby if you search online for a luggage storage company. You can find sites where you can quickly locate a storage locker nearby. This is easy to do because luggage storage companies have maps that show where their different storage locations are throughout the relevant city. 

3. Where to store luggage or bags in London?

There are many places to store luggage in London. Train stations and airports often provide luggage storage facilities. Also, luggage storage companies, which have several locations in and around London, are becoming increasingly popular. If you use a luggage storage company, you can look at its map to locate nearby locations that can store luggage. 

4. What is the price to store luggage in London?

Most luggage services in and around London charge their customers for an entire day. However, some luggage storage services provide customers with another pricing system, where they instead charge for each hour.

5. Is there luggage storage at Victoria Station? 

There are several opportunities to store luggage in and around Victoria Station. First, Victoria Coach Station offers facilities to store luggage every day between 8.30 a.m. and 10 p.m. Also, luggage storage companies offer many locations near Victoria Station where customers can store their luggage and pay on an hourly basis, which you cannot do at Victoria Coach Station.