Statistics about Cities
Statistics about Cities

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Which is the most sustainable city? Which city should you pick as your next travel destination? Enjoy a range of statistics about cities that will make your decision easier. Use the city statistics in your next article or paper.

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Top 6 Eco-friendly and Sustainable Cities in Europe

Nowadays, cities are becoming more and more sustainable in their development, worried about their inhabitants, their sources of energy, and always having in mind nature and green spaces. Surely no city is perfect, but they are committed to keep improving to be the best version of themselves in the hope of a better and greener future for our planet.



The World’s Top Cities to Explore Under Your own Steam, Revealed

In 2019, Euromonitor released a report listing the capital cities around the world that had the most international visitors. We took the top 28 cities and scored them based on a weighted ranking that takes 12 factors* into account, to reveal the best cities to explore on foot or bike.

If you’re ready to ditch public transport and exercise those leg muscles, read on…



Culture in the World’s Most Visited Cities, Revealed

Whilst Coronavirus might have stopped physical travel in its tracks, it’s certainly not stopped that feeling of wanderlust! In fact, our COVID-19 Travel Sentiment Monitor has revealed that 40% of us are planning to travel far and wide in 2021.

But with so many options, where should you go if you’re looking for a culture-rich experience? The Luggage Hero City Culture Index can help you decide.



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