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I don’t have any space to store luggage

Don't worry. Our system works with as little as 1 piece of luggage and you can always be put on standby if you don’t have any available capacity for periods of time. If you can only receive 1 piece of luggage, you can still be part of the concept. However, we do recommend being able to store at least 5 pieces of luggage so that you will receive a higher income, as we pay you per piece of luggage.

How much income do I make per luggage?

It depends on how much time the person stores their luggage with you. On average people will store 2-3 pieces of luggage for 5-6 hours.
We give you a fixed commision per luggage per hour. On top of this, a large percentage of our LuggageHeroes make additional sales from their existing selection of products.

How does it work? Is there any cash handling involved?

No. Everything is online. When the tourists book their luggage into your place, they authorize LuggageHero to charge them for the hours spent storing their luggage. The moment you hand over their luggage and confirm a check-out, the receipt is sent to the customer online. There's no receipt or paperwork from your side.

What if the luggage gets lost, damaged or stolen?

We insure the luggage for you. Your only job is putting the luggage away from public access and we take all the risk.

Is it safe being a LuggageHero?

We are a friendly service which has been serving thousands of happy customers. We have done that by providing some of the best security for our LuggageHeroes and customers.

1. Every person who books with LuggageHero leaves a digital fingerprint which makes it possible for us to ID the person. We track and save all digital trace (IP) and ensure identity on all customers by demanding the use of Credit Card before being able to drop any luggage.

2. We provide Social Profile access or email, name and phone number. Besides this, every LuggageHero is entitled to ask for ID if they feel it's necessary and are always in their right to be shown the contents of the luggage to ensure no illegal items are being stored in the luggage before leaving it at the shop.

All these security measures ensure LuggageHero is a safe and convenient way to store luggage.

What if my place is closed some days?

The LuggageHero admin can handle irregular opening hours and you control this yourself.

What if my shop doesn’t have scheduled opening hours?

We cannot have any LuggageHero with shifting opening hours on a day-to-day basis without any scheduled hours.

How can my employees be instructed in these procedures?

Our platform requires absolutely no administration from our LuggageHeroes. The system is a self-service for the customers. That means you can receive luggage from day one and thereby starting your new revenue stream today.

How much time is involved in receiving luggage?

We usually say, it takes no longer than making a cappuccino, but you earn more on receiving a piece of luggage. You don’t even have any expenses besides the time putting the luggage away safe. Then you might end up selling a cappuccino anyway.

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