Luggage Storage Brandenburg Gate

Luggage Storage Brandenburg Gate

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Are you looking for luggage storage near Brandenburg Gate? You can store your bags with one of LuggageHero’s luggage storage locations just around the corner and explore Berlin hassle-free.

LuggageHero storage sites are certified hotels, cafes, and shops. Advance bookings ensure space for your bags. The address and directions to our partner shops are available at the time of booking. All bags are sealed off with our security seals ensuring each piece of luggage up to once you have dropped off your bags and started our storage timer on your booking page.

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin’s most famous landmark, the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor in German) is a symbol of the division of Berlin and Germany during the Cold War. Today, a symbol of peace and unity, it’s one of the most important monuments, as well as a landmark that Germany is best known for. It’s located just west of Pariser Platz in Berlin.

Originally constructed under Frederick William in 1688 when Berlin was just a small walled city, it was one of the eighteen gates within the Berlin Customs Wall. Fast-forward to post-World War II, the gate was terribly damaged with holes from nearby explosions and was eventually restored by joint efforts of East Berlin and West Berlin.  Finally, it was privately renovated in the 1990s and stands as we know it now with minor renovations. 

Today, Brandenburg Gate is closed to vehicle traffic and is mostly surrounded by pedestrian cobblestone zones. It’s a place where millions of people gather to watch sports matches on a large screen, celebrate victory rallies and come together to see the fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Tourists from all over the world love to visit this 18th-century neoclassical monument for its political relevance as well as for its architectural beauty. The gate becomes illuminated during special times and events during the year, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to witness this. 

If Berlin is on your list of places to see in 2020, make sure you visit Brandenburg Gate. Conveniently, we have a storage location just 250 meters away from the gate where you can easily store your heavy bags and not have to carry them around with you as you travel. 

The service provides you with the freedom and luxury every tourist deserves, so make sure you create a booking as you plan your trip, or simply drop by and drop off your bags on the spot and travel unencumbered. And with just 10-15 minute-long transit rides from most stations like Berlin Central Station and Berlin Central Bus Station to the famous gate, you’ll be able to get there in no time.

By storing your luggage at a location just steps away from the gate or at any of our storage spots across Berlin, you have instant access to many other popular Berlin tourist locations such as Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Zoo. You can also take a walk down the famous Kurfürstendamm or visit the beautiful Prenzlauer Berg.

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