Paris travel statistics
Paris travel statistics
Last updated: Jan 5, 2024 · 3 min read

  Discovering Paris – travel statistics


Paris is the capital of France, also known as the City of Lights and the City of Love. Paris is the second most-visited European city, being France the most-visited country.

In today’s post, we wanted to explore tourism in this beautiful city. Are you ready to find out some tourist statistics about Paris? Keep on reading!

Who visits Paris?

These are the top countries that visit Paris, ranked by their overnights in the greater area:

  • US: a total of 6.2 million tourists from the States visited Paris.
  • UK: comes second in this list with a total of 2.7 million visits.
  • Germany: is the third country with the most visits, a total of 2.1M.
  • China: a total of 1.8M of Chines tourists visit Paris.
  • Spain: 1.8M Spanish tourists travel to Paris.
  • Italy: 1.5M Italian tourists visit the city.
  • Japan: France’s capital has a total of 1.1 Japanese visitors.

What’s Paris’s most visited attraction?

Now you know who visits Paris the most. But what about what they see when in the City of Lights?

Here are the most visited Parisian tourist attractions by millions of visits in 2018:

  • Nôtre-Dame Cathedral: this beautiful cathedral had 12M tourist visitors
  • Disneyland Paris: the themed park that adults and kids enjoy had 11M visits
  • Sacré-Coeur Basilica: Sacré-Coeur had 11M visits, placing it the number three in the list
  • Versailles Palace: Versailles palace had 8.1M visitors
  • Louvre Museum: the famous museum had 10M visits in 2018
  • Eiffel Tower: was visited by 6.2M tourists
  • Pompidou Center: had, in 2018, 3.5M visits
  • Orsay Museum: 3.3M visitors enjoyed the museum in 2018

Words association with Paris

When you think about Paris, what comes to your mind? Maybe love, berets, the Eiffel Tower, croissants…

In November 2018, the Office de Tourisme Paris (OTCP) conducted a survey on the image of the city. OTCP surveyed what key points are associated with the image of Paris by asking over 3800 respondents. These are the results:

  • Eiffel Tower: 30%
  • Food: 12%
  • Louvre: 8,2%
  • Romance: 7%
  • Culture: 5,6%
  • Love: 5,5%
  • Museums: 5,4%
  • Seine river: 4,2%
  • Art: 4,2%


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