Bag policy in Camp Nou Stadium
Bag policy in Camp Nou Stadium
Last updated: Nov 11, 2022

What you can and cannot bring inside Camp Nou

Camp Nou is a top-rated stadium that has been FC Barcelona’s home since it was officially opened on 24 September 1957. FC Barcelona is delighted to welcome visiting fans to their home at Camp Nou and at the same time they want to offer the best experience to everyone. Therefore, Camp Nou has very strict regulations and bag policy rules. Make sure to check them, so that you won’t be in trouble.

Camp Nou bag policy

There is NO entry to the stadium with luggage, baby strollers, bulky objects or other large items that can obstruct the exits. All such material must be left at your hotel, in your vehicle or somewhere else outside the stadium before entering.

Please be aware that in the stadium there is no locker room service or storage service of any kind!

What to do when a bag exceeds the recommended size or there are prohibited items?

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Conditions of entrance and presence at Camp Nou

Every stadium is a place of joy for the team supporter, friendship, and fantastic moments. But when violence, misconduct, and terrible situations are common things, then every stadium creates its personal rules to avoid serious problems during the match. Here are some of Camp Nou rules to respect in order to enjoy the match:

  • Only the ticket holders are allowed to enter the stadium (children included)
  • It’s prohibited to use other seats but the one written on the ticket
  • The validity of the ticket expires when the ticket holder leaves the stadium
  • Entrance is not allowed with bulk objects, baby strollers, or large items
  • The name on the ticket has to match the name of  the ticket holder at the stadium entrance
  • Any supporter of the visiting team that tries to enter the home team area will be expelled from the stadium
  • After leaving the premises, re-entry to the same will not be permitted
  • Spectators must at all times obey any instructions issued via the police, private security, fire service, medical personnel, or public announcement system or from other persons qualified by the club and duly identified.
  • Staircases, entrances, exits and corridors must be free all the time
  • Any kind of racist, xenophobic, or violence-inciting material is totally forbidden
  • Political, religious, or social advertisements are banned
  • Weapons of any kind, drones, laser pointers, gas aerosols, flares, rockets, fireworks, smoke bombs or any other pyrotechnic objects or flammable substances are not allowed
  • Entrance with food and/or beverages in metal, glass, ceramic, wood or similar packaging of a greater volume/weight of 500 milliliters/grams is also prohibited. Entrance with any type of alcoholic beverages, narcotics or similar substances or while under the effects of the same, is strictly prohibited. Any container of lower capacity is allowed, but the lid shall be removed without exception.
  • Objects made of glass, bottles, cans (including 330 ml) and any fragile or fragmented containers and all especially hard materials, are not allowed, even if purchased at the official Club store.
  • Bulky objects, such as stepladders, stools, chairs, boxes, backpacks, suitcases, strollers, bicycles, scooters, etc., are banned.
  • Insert flags or banners bigger than 2m x 1m and/or made of flammable material will not be permitted.   
  • Computers, tablets, professional photography and video cameras or other professional video or audio recording equipment are not allowed
  • Animals are not allowed, except service and/or guide dogs according to current legislation.
  • Any other prohibition in accordance with Spanish Law 19/2007, of July 11, against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport, as well as Spanish Royal Decree 203/2010.
  • Entrance is forbidden with all types of professional equipment and machines that record sound and images and are needed to carry out these tasks without prior and express authorization from the Club. Photographs and images taken by spectators at a match must be exclusively for private use. Any commercial use requires prior written authorization from FC Barcelona.


The famous Spanish city is located on the Mediterranean sea, in a space between the coast and the Pyrenees mountains. January and February are the coldest months, and July and August are the hottest. The city is famous for its incredible monuments and nightlife and is one of the most visited locations in Spain.

Some interesting places to visit in Barcelona are: La Sagrada Familia, Parco Guell, Casa Batllo, Palace of Catalan Music, La Rambla, Montjuic.

Camp Nou Stadium

The stadium project was made in 1950, but it required 4 years of location changes and negotiations with authorities to start the construction. Frances Mitjian Miro’ was the official architect of the stadium, which was completed in 1957, with 288 million pesetas spent on it.

The stadium’s maximum height is 48 meters, with a capacity of more than 99.000 spectators. In the structure, you’ll find a chapel, the presidential box, the VIP lounge, the press room, several television studios, the sports medicine center, the veteran players area, and the FC Barcelona Club Museum.

Fun facts

  • “Camp Nou” means new stadium, a nickname given to this place after moving from the old stadium
  • It is the largest football stadium in Europe
  • The stadium cost over 288 million pesetas (2 million dollars), and its construction left for many years the club in serious debt
  • It hosted the first European final cup in 1972
  • It never reached its full capacity, even during the world cup
  • The stadium is owned by 140.000 FC Barcelona members

Events you should not miss!

Here is a list of events that the Camp Nou stadium host: 

Barcelona vs Manchester City24 August 2022

Barcelona vs Elche17 September 2022

Barcelona vs Celta9 October 2022

Marmoleum Roadshow13 October 2022

Barcelona vs Espanyol31 December 2022

Barcelona vs Real Madrid –  9 March  2023

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid23 April 2023



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Does the stadium have lockers?

Unfortunately, no. In the stadium there is no locker room service or storage service of any kind! But don’t worry – LuggageHero provides the best solution to your problem. Store all your belongings in certified shops near the stadium which are just 287m away.

Can you take food into Camp Nou?

Food and drink may not be brought onto the premises from outside, and eating/drinking is only permitted in allocated areas.

Can you bring drinks into the Stadium?

Containers can be brought inside if they are less than 500 ml, and have no lid. Entrance is not allowed with glass containers or cans.

How can I find LuggageHero storage locations?

Just go to the LuggageHero booking platform or download our app and it will show you all storage options.

How much does it cost to store personal items with LuggageHero?

Customers can store bags of different sizes at both hourly and daily prices. You can select the plan that suits you best for a flat charge of per hour and   per day.

What is the location of Camp Nou Stadium?

It is located in the address: C/Arístides Mallol 12 (main Access 15) and Av. De Joan XVIII (Boulevard Access 9), 08028 Barcelona



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