About us
About us

LuggageHero is a platform that allows local businesses and hotels to offer temporary luggage storage by utilizing spare space in their venue.

Jannik Lawaetz had the original idea for LuggageHero in 2016 after dragging around his luggage too many times. He created a peer-to-peer economy-sharing concept that is easy to use and trustworthy, and where customers pay only for hours, their luggage is stored. He started in his hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kristian Loekkegaard reached out to Jannik after reading a newspaper article about Jannik’s idea and early traction in Copenhagen. Initially, he was interested in becoming an investor, but he ended up joining Jannik to head up the technology side of the business. Together they founded LuggageHero as it is today and expanded the service to London and New York City in 2017. Since then we’ve garnered substantial support from the largest Nordic VC and achieved successful crowdfunding, highlighting our financial strength and fundraising capabilities.

Since 2019 the company has grown into 240 cities and is now found in 56 countries worldwide.

Our vision is for LuggageHero to make storage available at every point of interest worldwide.



Jannik Lawaetz
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
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Kristian Loekkegaard
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
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LuggageHero in the media

Since 2016, LuggageHero has been widely discussed in the media. New York Times has mentioned LuggageHero and the luggage storage business in general, stating how for “less than the cost of a Starbucks latte, a surprising variety of businesses — delis, dry cleaners, mobile phone stores — will look after your bags so you can sightsee hands-free.” Further, numerous LuggageHero campaigns have circulated the media and appeared in media such as Forbes. Recently, a study by LuggageHero on how much luggage American airlines had been losing in 2020 appeared on the CBS4 channel, Yahoo, and others.


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