How COVID-19 Impacts the Travel Demand in 2020
How COVID-19 Impacts the Travel Demand in 2020
Last updated: Jun 9, 2020 · 3 min read

How COVID-19 Impacts the Travel Demand in 2020


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As the days pass and more and more people are trying to stay inside when possible, everyone is wondering how the travel industry will adapt to the new situation and what they should expect in the upcoming seasons. To help understand what the plans are for the next holidays, LuggageHero conducted an extensive survey and is sharing the results.

Based on our analysis of answers from the worldwide participants, we learned that travelers are not widely cancelling their plans but just postponing them a bit until the situation will be clearer: 50% said they will not change their travel itinerary for trips scheduled for May onward.


Travel plans in the very near future

61% of the people participating in the survey had a trip planned for March-April, and COVID-19 had a huge impact, as expected. Moreover, 19% said their travels were planned as a couple and 10% said they were supposed to travel with their family, so the actual impact would be even higher.

As the situation is still unclear, many people (38%) already cancelled their bookings and another 32% are about to cancel. Among those who will still go where they had planned, many said they will try to avoid public transportation and big cities and will focus on natural landscapes, far from crowded places.


Travel plans after the next 2 months

When it comes to trips to be made starting from May 2020, travelers remain hopeful and are keeping their travel plans: 57% said they will still visit their destinations as long as there won`t be any quarantine that would interfere. Only a very small percentage (7%) already cancelled their trips planned for May-September. As many confirmed, they are not considering changing their travel itinerary after reaching their holiday destination and will still visit the places they want to see, but there are some (29%) who will try to avoid public transportation or big cities in order to stay safer. Another approach is to stick to trips made inside the country, so they can better evaluate the risks taken, with 18% of participants marking this option.

Budgetwise, worldwide travelers are adapting to the current situation and are redrawing their expenses. Only 47% of the respondents said they will maintain the same holiday budget for 2020, while a quarter of them said they would reduce their travel spending by more than 40%.


*The survey was sent via email and was filled online through Google Forms by 2496 people worldwide between 15.03.2020 – 16.03.2020.
**For updated COVID-19 information you can check the official WHO data.

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