Turning London shops into luggage storage
Turning London shops into luggage storage
Last updated: Jun 8, 2020 · 2 min read


Turning London shops into luggage storage


LuggageHero aims to revolutionize the luggage storage industry by ‘freeing travelers from their luggage’. Turning local cafes and shops into temporary storage units, the company offers travelers to explore the city without the agony of dragging luggage along the Thames or tubes. Almost overnight LuggageHero has transformed into the biggest luggage storage facilitator in London, offering more than 50 drop-off points around the city.

We’ve all been there – arriving in a new, exciting city in the morning, but our Airbnb-flat or hotel is not available until the afternoon. Instead of dragging your luggage along sightseeing or shopping, LuggageHero connects you to a network of local shops and cafes, which safely stores your luggage for a few hours.

The concept – based on the principles of sharing economy – was thought-out and launched in Copenhagen only 6 months ago and is now officially launching in London. The 31-year old founder Jannik Lawaetz has all eyes on the British capital.

“LuggageHero has re-thought the way luggage storage works in larger cities. Local shops have the capacity as well as the desire to welcome tourists and their luggage. We’ve tested and fine-tuned the concept the past 6 months in Copenhagen, and we’re now ready for London.”

“- We’ve been recruiting shops and cafes here in London with huge success the past months. They are really keen on the idea and the extra traffic LuggageHero will bring to their store. Being the biggest luggage storage provider already is a great accomplishment and start for us in this new and very important market, the entrepreneur continues.”

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