London Coronavirus Updates
London Coronavirus Updates

London Coronavirus Information


Here you have all the latest information on London airports, public transport, attractions and rules and regulations on one page. We’re committed to keeping you informed so you can take the necessary measures and be one step closer to getting back to your normal life or get back home safely once the coronavirus in London is no longer a threat.

Get an overview of the current coronavirus precautions in London and the UK by clicking here. Please visit the official website of the UK Government to see if any changes have been made or sign up here with your email to get a notification messenger with all updates.



Governmental Rules and Restrictions in London

It is necessary to follow governmental restrictions and minimise your social interactions to prevent coronavirus from spreading. It’s important not to panic but it’s also very important to be careful.

Here are the key takeaways and rules to follow set by the British Government, which apply in London and the UK.

  • Starting July 24th, it is mandatory to wear a face covering in all public transport, shops and in all enclosed public places
  • If there it is an option, it’s advised to work from home
  • Keep contact with others to a minimum and practice social distancing (keep 2 meters apart from others)
  • Wash your hands regularly and use sanitiser
  • If you or anyone in your home has symptoms, no one is allowed to leave home unless medical caregiver is contacted; resume to follow their instructions
  • Starting June 8th 2020, dentists (a third of practices) may operate routinely with enhanced safety precautions
  • Pubs, restaurants, and venues are to remain closed; however may offer delivery and takeaway
  • Food shops and pharmacies to remain open, and their respective measures must be followed
  • Outdoor activities may resume such as going for a walk, running and group exercises in parks as long as 2 meter distance is kept between those exercising
  • Outdoor work may resume as long as there is a 2 meter distance kept between the workers
  • New train timetables are made and more available trains in order to avoid overcrowding
  • Supermarkets could remain open for longer on Sundays to avoid overcrowding on weekends
  • Driving to the countryside and having a picnic is allowed with members of your own household
  • „Bubbles” of 10 people are allowed (which means, you may meet up with the same people on a daily/weekly level as long as it is the same crowd each time)
  • Local cricket and grassroots football allowed; smaller sports allowed soon, while larger sporting events and mass gatherings will be one of the last things to be allowed

Every citizen must comply with the above-stated measures. Relevant authorities are given the right to enforce them through fines and by dispersing gatherings.

Is it safe to travel?

Latest Covid-19 Travel Articles

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    The effort required by individual properties to be as visibly hygienic as possible should be a win-win-win though. The good name of the establishment is preserved, as is that of the company, and the guest receives a safe and relaxing stay.” Continue reading here


London Coronavirus Latest News

(Published in the past 24 hours)

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How to safely store your luggage during the COVID-19 pandemic

Visit our „How to safely store luggage” page to check the regulations for a safe arrival at your destination, and to make sure you’re safe while you drop your luggage on one of our certified shops.

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London Coronavirus Travel Information

Official websites are doing a great job at keeping travellers updated and at providing the latest information regarding the London coronavirus situation. You can read about the impact of coronavirus on your travel arrangements on the official websites of London’s airports.

If you are stuck in a hotel room, we gathered all the information about airports and public transport to make things a little easier for you. Please make sure you check with your airline to find out whether there have been any alterations made to your travel plans.

For information on self-isolation in the UK, click here
For more information on foreign travel, entry requirements and travel warnings, click here
For guidance for British people travelling overseas during the coronavirus, click here


London Airport Information

  • Heathrow Airport

    – All flights now operate from Terminals 2 and 5
    – Terminals 3 and 4 remain closed
    Rail operations continue to serve Terminals 2 and 5
    From 7th July 2020 American Airlines will temporarily be relocated from Terminal 2 to Terminal
    – China South Airlines, Japan Airlines and Quatar Airlines have temporarily been relocated and fly from Terminal 5
    – Only come to the airport if you are travelling
    – Arrive at the airport 2 hours before a European flight and 3 hours before an international flight
    Travellers must obey the 2-meter social distancing measure
    – Enhanced monitoring is in place for all flights
    – For more information on essential travel advice, click here 

  • Gatwick Airport

  • London Luton Airport

  • London Stansted Airport

  • London City Airport

London Public Transport

Public transport in London remains functional, however it is minimised in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It is advised that pubic transport is used exclusively for essential journeys. If you do take public transport, please make sure you keep your distance from others. It is also advised that you wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose and gloves for your hands while on the bus, train or metro. 

You can plan your journey by visiting these pages first:

Keep up to date on public transit here:

London Attractions

Empty Tower Bridge in London as people are told to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic, April 5th, 2020

Most London attractions have started to reopen. Here, you can keep yourself informed on attraction reopenings, daily opening and closing times and information on reduced capacity.

In the case that certain locations close again due to changes in restrictions, you can still enjoy some of these attractions after they are open again if you are staying in London for a longer period of time.

Here is the list of London’s iconic attractions and their official websites with the latest updates:


What to do while currently in London

  • Food delivery

The coronavirus situation doesn’t need to prevent you from trying delicious food and keeping your body fuelled and healthy. You can visit Ubereats or other delivery websites, pick anything you want and have it delivered to your location.

  • Watch a London-based movie

If you can’t explore the city because of the restrictions, you can watch an movie that was filmed in London instead! We all know that feeling when we watch a movie, we see a scene filmed where we’ve been and we scream ‘I’ve been there!” How about watching a movie based in London while you’re in London? It suddenly changes your current experience of the city. Here is a list of the 11 Best Movies Set in London.

  • Read/Write

If you’re at home, you probably have a shelf full of books that you’ve always wanted to read but never got to. Or perhaps you have some texts that you’ve saved on your phone under „read later.” This is the perfect time to take your mind off the current stressful situation and dive into a literary world, at least for a an hour or two a day.

Also, writing or keeping a journal and getting those thoughts and feelings out on paper can be a true stress reliever during times like these.

  • Keep the communication going with your loved ones

You can use this time to reconnect with your loved ones through different video options online. Keeping everyone up-to-date about yourself, making sure everyone is healthy and well and „making someones’ day” by giving them a good laugh is a great way to maintain strong relations even when you cannot physically spend time together.

Virtual coffees and dinner dates with a friend, family member, a loved one, or a „double-date” even with another couple is the thing to do during these corona times. Why not enjoy someones’ company while everyone stays in the comfort of their home? Times like these sometimes ask us to adapt to another lifestyle, but why not make the best of it?

  • Yoga/Stretching

As we all know, keeping active is crucial to our well-being. When you’re stuck inside for a longer period of time and running or going to the gym is not always the best option, yoga and stretching are the way to go. These are activities you can do on your own floor or balcony. There are many videos online that you can follow while doing these activities, and you can also tune into live-stream yoga classes available online.

The entire LuggageHero team
wishes you good health and positive vibes!

It’s important that we all follow the measures set by the authorities and protect ourselves and others. By social distancing and taking care of our hygiene, we are lessening the change of the virus spreading. We are in this together and every individual matters. If coronavirus spreads this fast, imagine how contagious some love and a smile are?


Once the situation is safe again and we can explore again, check our luggage storage London guide and LuggageHero sites in London.