Luggage Storage in +25 locations in Philadelphia

Luggage Storage in +25 locations in Philadelphia

Only luggage storage to offer choice of hourly or daily rates in Philadelphia

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Luggage storage Philadelphia

Philadelphia luggage storage

You can stop searching for lockers to store your luggage in. The next time you’re in Philadelphia, remember that LuggageHero is here to save the day!


Download LuggageHero’s free luggage storage app here:

You can download our LuggageHero luggage storage app where you can see all our locations around Philadelphia. Your days wasting time searching for lockers are over!

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.


Drop off your bags by using LuggageHero’s network of more than 25 local shops located around crucial traffic hubs and popular districts. These include 30th Street Station, Philadelphia Greyhound Terminal, Jefferson Station, Rittenhouse Square, Logan Square, and the city center.

Let’s say that you arrive from Philadelphia International Airport or 30th Street Station hours before your rental is ready and you want to check out the sights without pulling your luggage behind you. Maybe you want to visit Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, or the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You might want to hang out in the Old City, or maybe watch a match at the Lincoln Financial Field. Make all days count, we’re here to storage your luggage.


Luggage storage near me

Just go to the LuggageHero booking platform or download our app, to find a handy storage site inside a shop or other business – all verified by us. Using our map, you can locate the shops that are nearest to the stations you’ll use or attractions you’ll visit and store your luggage there. Bear in mind, there are no luggage lockers or luggage storage at the Philadelphia airport.

Greyhound luggage storage

You can store your luggage at Greyhound Bus Stations for up to 24 hours. Be aware, that it is just basic storage and there is no insurance included.

Pay by the hour – unlike other services!

We offer a speedy, convenient, and low-cost service.

In comparison to other luggage storage services where you pay for the entire day, you only pay for the hours spent with LuggageHero. If you want to store your luggage all day or longer, we offer you a low daily cap of .

We’re looking out for you

Our top priority is your safety and security! All our shops in Philadelphia have been carefully reviewed and certified by the LuggageHero team and each bag stored is sealed with a unique security seal to keep them tamper-free. The seal also activates our insurance on every bag and its content.

If you need to talk to someone at LuggageHero, we’re here for you 24/7 through our online chat.

We store all kinds of luggage – any size and any shape

LuggageHero’s users can store luggage of any size and/or shape in any of our store locations. It doesn’t matter if it is ski equipment, photo equipment, or backpacks – our luggage stores can accommodate all. LuggageHero’s customers can choose to be charged by the hour or choose our daily rate – no matter of their left luggage.

We can store your luggage for several days

LuggageHero also provides multi-day storage to its customers because we know flexibility is an essential part when you travel. LuggageHero offers a lower daily rate when you store your luggage for a longer period. From the second day onwards, our customers pay only $5 per bag per day!

Are you ready to store your bags in one of our many Philadelphia luggage storage locations?

Find your perfect place and choose between more than 20 locations throughout Philadelphia!


Leave your luggage in Philadelphia with a Hero

Book risk-free

Traveling has to be easy and convenient. This is why you only pay if you show – NO FEES are charged to you until your luggage is dropped off.

Find luggage storage sites all around Philadelphia that are most convenient to your location and schedule by using our online search engine. Book online in advance and you’re guaranteed a space for your luggage.

Sometimes plans change, especially when you’re on the road. If you don’t show up, there’s no charge.


How to safely store luggage in Philadelphia during COVID-19

It’s our common responsibility to try our best, and take care of each other. Remember that every little thing counts!

  • Remember to follow the current measures and guidelines to avoid the spread of the virus
  • Show consideration to your fellows – keep distance when possible
  • If you can, wear a mask before and after dropping off your luggage
  • Wash your hands before and after visiting our certified shops – or use hand sanitizer
  • If you are sick – STAY HOME

luggage storage covid-19 Philadelphia

Download our free app

For even more comfort you can download our LuggageHero bag storage app where you can easily see all our locations around Philadelphia. With our luggage storage app, you are able to store your bags anywhere in our 1000+ locations.

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.

Major and popular stations in Philadelphia

30th Street Station – It was first opened in 1933, is the main railroad station in Philadelphia, and it is a major stop on Amtrak’s Northeast and Keystone Corridors. This train station is one of the busiest intercity passenger railroad facilities in the United States. It is within walking distance of various attractions in West Philadelphia, notably the University of Pennsylvania, CHOP, Drexel University, and the University City Science Center, all in University City.

City Center – is Philadelphia’s bustling heart because it blends skyscrapers and historic sites, like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Impressionist art at the Barnes Foundation and science exhibits at the Franklin Institute is among dozens of premier museum collections.

Philadelphia Museum of Art – The museum administers collections containing over 240,000 objects including major holdings of European, American, and Asian origin. The various classes of artwork include sculpture, paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, armor, and decorative arts.

2021 Guide: Luggage Storage Philadelphia

You may be confused with the rules and regulations and wonder where bags and luggage are allowed in your travel destination. LuggageHero understands your pain and is happy to give you a big help. You just simply click Find Luggage Storage & Lockers in Philadelphia and have a quick look to find all the updated information for your amazing trip.

Check out why KnockKnock recommends storing your baggage with LuggageHero!


Find the most common questions about Philadelphia and luggage storage.

Where can I store my luggage in Philadelphia?

You can download LuggageHero app and see all the locations, where you can drop your luggage. There is more than 25 of them.

How much does storing of my luggage cost?

It will cost you $1/hour and $8 per day (24 hours).

Is luggage storage in Philadelphia safe?

Absolutely! We seal all the items with protective foil to prevent any damages and all your items are automatically insured up to $2500.

What is Philadelphia known for?

Philadelphia is known for history and has a political importance on the local and national level. Philadelphia also used to be considered capital city. It is also the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Furthermore, there is a plenty to be seen, from murals, through historical statues depicting important figures to museums.

How many days do I need for Philadelphia?

We recommend to spend 2-3 days in Philadelphia.