The story of LuggageHero
The story of LuggageHero

Danish founder and CEO Jannik Lawaetz hatched his luggage-storing service in 2016 from personal experience.

When I stayed at an Airbnb in Barcelona, I had no options for leaving my luggage anywhere after checking out, so I had to lug it around Barcelona,” says Lawaetz. On the flip side, as an Airbnb host in his home city of Copenhagen, more than half of Lawaetz’s guests ask for a place to leave their bags on checkout day.

Since he debuted LuggageHero, Lawaetz has grown the network to multiple major cities such as New York City, London, Barcelona and more.

It’s a great feeling to make a concept that really helps people,” Lawaetz said. “Being left with your luggage can really ruin an arrival or departure day.

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To contact Jannik Lawaetz:

Skype: jannik.lawaetz

USA: 718-509-9271

Denmark: +45 27587000