How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Major Cities in Europe
How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Major Cities in Europe
Last updated: Dec 3, 2020 · 4 min read

Best Blog Posts for Each City

With Valentine’s day around the corner, you may be dreaming of swooping your significant other off their feet with an extremely romantic gesture, but you may not know where to take them. We have come to your rescue; we present you with the best date ideas from each major European city by providing you must follow blogs from each city.

Plan your Valentine’s Day Trip

All the below-mentioned bloggers have all provided an amazing guide on what to do on Valentine’s Day in the respective cities they have written about. Don’t let your bags hold you back from experiencing Paris, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Milan from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart. Store your bags with one of our luggage storage in 260+ locations around the cities mentioned below.



Sophie Nadeau is a French-Canadian blogger who lives in Paris, and blogging is her full-time job. In her “Valentine’s Day in Paris: Romantic City of Love, Date Ideas, and More!” Sophie bypassing the common Parisian clichés, suggests interesting date ideas such as making your own chocolate and wandering through lost Parisian villages. Read the full article here.


Je t’aime Me neither:

A Canadian freelance writer Lily Heise is located in Paris however, loves travelling. Even though her post isn’t about Valentine’s day itself, it gives you a list of “Top Romantic Things to do in Milan” such as visiting “La Vigna di Leonardo” which is Leonardo da Vinci’s vineyard. Or taking a ride and enjoying a dinner in a “classic tram”. Read the full article here.


Totally Tailored:

Charley is your go-to person about anything London. She is the founder of Totally Tailored, a company which provides private tours in the UK. Her and her team work very hard to deliver personalized tour. They have also come up with a list of Valentine’s day suggestions in their post named “My Funky Valentine: London for Lovers”. If you want a feel of Italy in England they suggest you to visit the Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola where you can feel as if you are in a beautiful Italian garden. However, if you feel like you should satisfy your significant other and your sweet tooth at the same time, they suggest you visit Hotel Chocolat’s Valentine’s Tasting. Read the full article here.


Foods of Copenhagen:

If you are a foodie and you would like to wine and dine your significant other. These are the spots which should be on your list according to Cindie. Cindie used to work in marketing but, left all that behind and became a full-time foodie who offers food tours. According to Cindie and her team for valentine’s day you can be a true Viking and go for a winter swim rather known as winter bathing, where after a quick swim you will have no other choice but to stay close to each other and keep each other warm. Or you could play it safe and have a romantic dinner in one of many ‘hygge’ Copenhagen restaurants. Read the full article here.


Culture Tourist:

Tea is and Amsterdam based blogger and founder of Culture Tourist. She declares herself to be an “art lover, travel enthusiast, coffee and fashion magazines addict.” In her blog she promotes “art and travel inspired lifestyle”.  For Valentine’s Day she suggests having a dinner at one of the historic buildings in Amsterdam which today is a restaurant; or if you don’t want to miss out on being a tourist while celebrating she suggests it is always a good idea to take a canal cruise where you can get a candle lit dinner while taking in the beautiful sights of Amsterdam. Read the full article here.


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