Travel trends
Travel trends

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Business Travel Statistics

Did you know that, although business travelers only account for 12% of the flights, they generate around twice as much money per person as non-business travelers?

Today we bring some statistics and numbers about business travels! At the end of this post, you’ll be an expert on business trips. Keep on reading!

Sustainable tourism statistics

Have you ever heard about sustainable tourism? The UN

WTO describes sustainable tourism as the tourism that “takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impact, addressing the needs of visitors, industry, environment and host communities“.

In April 2018, researched sustainable tourism, with some interesting results. Here we compiled and organized them, along with some visual help of graphics. Enjoy your reading!



Honeymoon destinations statistics

Do you know the most popular destination for honeymoons? Or what is the average duration for a honeymoon trip?

Today in LuggageHero we bring you some fresh statistics about honeymoon destinations that we dug up for your enjoyment. Keep reading to find out some interesting facts about honeymoons and different destinations!



Solo traveling in numbers – Statistics 2019/2020

Have you ever thought about taking a trip by yourself? Maybe you’re doing some research to finally make up your mind, or perhaps you’re just curious about why solo traveling is a trend nowadays. Either way, here we bring you some of the latest statistics regarding solo traveling for your enjoyment!



Camping statistics in the USA

When talking about outdoor activities, over 40 million Americans chose camping in 2016. Whether they choose to conventionally camp with tents, others prefer a comfortable RV or even cabins.

Keep reading today’s post about camping statistics in the USA to find out more about this way of enjoying nature!



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