Best Travel Blogs London 2020
Best Travel Blogs London 2020
Last updated: Jun 2, 2020

The Top 20 Travel Blogs in London in 2020

After extensive research, we’re proud to announce the 20 best blogs you can find for traveling to London in 2020!

The selection process…

Traveling is about experiencing the best of what a new city can offer, and a great place to find inspiration is in blogs. However, it can be a jungle to navigate through the many blogs and content you can find online. Therefore, our team has scoured the internet looking for the best travel blogs in London.

The 20 blogs that have made the final list have been selected based on 4 criteria:

  • Quality of the content
  • The practicality of the tips and advice
  • Purpose of the blog
  • Originality

In this award, you will find talented photographers, skilled writers, wanderlust addicts, foodies, family travelers, and eco-friendly travelers. Additionally, it is necessary to mention that some websites awarded are not, strictly speaking, travel blogs. However, in every case, the usefulness of their tips or their great content have convinced us to include them.

All 20 blogs have made it as “Best 20 Travel Blogs,” meaning the order is random.

We would like to congratulate all the bloggers that made the Top 20 – thanks for their awesome work!

Best London blog 2020 badge

The nominated bloggers are more than welcome to put the badge on their website to share their nomination with their own readers!

The Savvy Backpacker

The Savvy Backpacker is one of the leading online resources for travelling Europe on a budget. They focus on all the nitty-gritty details of travel planning — including what to pack, how to prepare for your trip and, many of the small details that are easy to overlook. They have also created a series of city guides to help you experience the best of Europe’s greatest cities. Just pick a city and choose your guide! 

Love and London

Love and London helps tourists to visit the city like they live here. They are your local friend, giving you the tips that only Londoners can provide, having spent years on the ground testing and trying the best of the city beyond the typical tourist attractions. On top of that, their Youtube channel has over 100,000 subscribers and helps tens of thousands of visitors every single month with making their trip the best it can possibly be.

My Wanderlusty Life

My Wanderlusty Life is a blog written by Ashley Smith, a full-time (and then some) worker and part-time traveler on a mission to help you travel the world on a Time Budget. She shares stories from 29 countries across four continents and loads of tips for quick trips. She’ll make sure you fit in everything you want to see, do, and eat in however short a trip you can take

London New Girl

London New Girl is the ultimate guide for moving to London and a thriving community for expat women living in London. The blog covers everything from how to budget for your move and how to make new friends, to where to find the best brunches in London. Kamila founded the London New Girl community in 2012 when she moved to London from her home city of Melbourne. Through the blog, she’s been helping others make the same move ever since.

The Broke Backpacker

The Broke Backpacker was born from one South England guy’s penniless rambles around Europe, South America, and South Asia. It’s been instrumental in equipping a generation of backpackers with practical advice on everything from getting around on local transport in Central America to how to snag free stays in any city around the world. Nowadays, The Broke Backpacker reaches over a million readers a month and has expanded to destinations worldwide but stays committed to making travel accessible even on the most meager budget


Etramping is an adventure travel blog that helps travellers maximize excitement wherever they go, without having to break the bank. When it comes to your favourite capital in the world – London – check out Etramping’s comprehensive 3-day London itinerary and the top 20+ things to see and do at night. You’ll find new and interesting places even if you were born and bred in London

Untold Morsels

Untold Morsels a travel blog with family, food and culture in mind. They provide destination inspiration and practical travel guides to help families, couples and friends plan their travels together. Their aim is to help their readers make their untold travel dreams a reality and experience trips they will treasure for a lifetime

The Travel Hack

Monica Stott is the founder of The Travel Hack, one of the UK’s leading travel blogs focusing on travel tips and hacks to make your travels as easy and affordable as possible. She now has two little boys so naturally she also blogs about family travel and her weekend adventures. You can learn a lot by visiting her blog – from travel tips to stories that will warm up your heart. 

Global Grasshopper

Global Grasshopper is an award-winning blog and resource for independent travelers who like to stay away from the crowds. The blog is run by Becky and a team of writers based all over Europe, they focus on the worlds’ most unique, under-the-radar and beautiful places as well as boutique travel. They’ve also got a new section on dog-friendly travel as Becky is travelling a lot more with her gorgeous rescue dog Rosa.

Finding the Universe

With fantastic photography from destinations around the world, Finding the Universe provides travelers with relevant, practical and useful travel information to help them their own trips. As a professional travel photographer, Laurence also shares a range of travel photography articles to help readers get great photos from their trips as well!

No Destinations

No Destinations is a travel and lifestyle brand created by Chris & Danika Garlotta, a married couple that gave up everything to travel the world full-time. In March of 2013, they quit our jobs, sold everything, and left their home in San Francisco with nothing but a one way ticket to Rome and a desire to travel just about everywhere. Since then the couple has visited over 150 different destinations around the world; from London and Paris, to Hong Kong, the Galapagos and the Maldives… and (almost) everything in between! They started No Destinations as a way to share their travel experiences and inspire others to get out and see the world. Whether it’s us swimming with sea turtles in the Maldives, sampling street food in Malaysia, or hiking a glacier in Iceland, their goal is to get people excited to explore new places, discover new cultures, and try new things. The couple is happy that the past 6 years of non-stop travel has been a wild ride for them, and they are thrilled that they’ve been able to share their passion for traveling and discovery with all of us readers. 

The Discoveries Of

The Discoveries Of is a blog written by Julianna Barnaby, a born and bred Londoner to help both those visiting the city and those who live here discover their next great experience. Julianna is all about discovering new places which she finds is a thrill – whether it’s a chic cocktail spot, cool landmark or a whole different country, she writes to help us explore more. The guides she writes are perfect for you to figure out what you want to do with your time, all in one place!

Sunny in London

Sunny in London is a food and travel blog which celebrates sun and fun in London and other destinations. It features reviews on top restaurants, hotels, afternoon teas, attractions, events, experiences and more. Follow the sunny adventures if you are visiting London, living in London, preparing to move to London, or simply love London.

London eater

Kang has been blogging about restaurants since 2008.  She started this blog London Eater as a hobby to fill the downtime whilst on assignment in Wales. She continues to learn about food and ways to communicate ideas about it with each new post. “Gastronomy is vast, rooted in tradition, yet ever-changing with the seasons, and it will take decades to experience its greatest examples”. Kang hopes to be able to separate the timeless from trend, understand how palates change with age and why people react to it in such different ways.

On the Luce blog

On the Luce

Lucy (hence the dodgy loose/Luce pun) from On the Luce, is a freelance editor and designer from Cheltenham in the UK with a passion for travel. Back in 2011, she gave up the day job after 10 years in London to develop a more flexible lifestyle. She did the whole ‘give up everything and travel for years’ backpacking trip in her 20s, but now with a business, house, family and friends, she is trying to bring them all together. So Lucy mixes up travel and home life – with trips ranging from weekends in the UK and Europe to more far-flung exotic trips.

A lady in London blog

A Lady in London

Possibly one of the best and most engaging writers about London. Our lady is a London-based travel blogger and speaker. (originally from California). She runs an award-winning travel and lifestyle blog, A Lady in London, which she founded in 2007 and turned into a full-time job in 2010. It has taken her all over London and to 111 countries (and counting!). Furthermore, her travel writing has been featured in National Geographic Intelligent Travel, Lonely Planet, BA High Life, The Telegraph, and other publications. She updates her blog often and is always able to provide you with amazingly useful information about London. 

World Travel Family

Travel is their passion at World Travel Family and they have made traveling with kids into their lifestyle. If you want to turn en incorporate travel into your lifestyle – they can show you how. They decided to travel the world with their kids to expand their horizons and education, 6 + years of non-stop around the world family travel later, they run this world travel blog and give us useful information for our trips. Their kids are teens now but they continue to travel and share the world through this site. 

You Could Travel

You Could Travel is run  by a husband and wife who think travelling together is the best thing ever. They are content creators, photographers, marketers and avid readers. They are best friends, coffee lovers, road trippers. Their wish and goal is to inspire you to travel with your loved ones, fall in love with the world and capture intimate moments together. 

Two Monkey Travel Group

Two Monkeys Travel Group

Two Monkeys Travel Group is run by married couple who have been travelling the world together since 2013 and writing about it at Two Monkeys Travel Group. They met while backpacking in Laos and quickly decided to start a life of adventure together and already visited over 80 countries on every continent, including Antarctica. Kach is from Laguna, Philippines while Jonathan is from Stroud, United Kingdom. After four years of adventure travel, followed by two years sailing the Caribbean on their own sailboat, they have moved to Montenegro to start their new Expat Life.

Eat like a girl

Eat Like a Girl

Niamh travels for much of her time which can be seen at Eat Like a Girl. She adores it as food & travel brings her much joy. She loves to meet people when she travels, learns their recipes, eats in their restaurants and wanders their streets. When she is not wandering, she can be found in her kitchen or in a restaurant, possibly a wine bar too. Most of the recipes on her blog are her own, some are shown to her on her travels (if this is the case she will always say so), occasionally some are from books that Niamh enjoys. If you try them, make sure to give her a shout out and tell her how it went.

Solo Sophie

Solo Sophie is a travel and culture focused blog sharing unique travel guide, tips, and tricks for making the most of exploring Europe and beyond. On the site, you’ll soon discover unusual and offbeat recommendations, as well as a lifestyle segment focusing on bringing your travels home with you”. 

Top Choice Blogger

We have made another award for bloggers who produce the absolute best content for travelers. The few bloggers who receive the status of being a Top Choice Blogger also receive the following badge:

LuggageHero travel in London blog award

Top Choice Blogger award badge

Plan your trip to London

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