2023 Guide: Luggage Storage in Milan
2023 Guide: Luggage Storage in Milan
Luggage Storage in +30 locations around Milan

Luggage Storage in +30 locations around Milan

Store your luggage in a local shop from €1/hour

A guide on how and where to find lockers and places to store your luggage in Milan in 2023:

CIAO Lovers of art, fashion, history, wine, or pizza, you’ve found your haven. A UNESCO world heritage site, Milan is the home of many incredible sights: from the La Scala opera theatre and the Duomo to da Vinci’s “Last Supper” and innumerable Renaissance paintings, from Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (ground zero for high-end fashion in Italy) to Fondazione Prada.
The only type of bags you should be carrying around in this amazing Italian city are shopping bags, and certainly not travel bags.

LuggageHero is here to help. With several locations around Milan, conveniently close to all the main tourist attractions, LuggageHero is a quick, safe and easy solution for storing your bags.

Best rated in Milan: LuggageHero Find luggage storage locations in Milan

Download LuggageHero’s free luggage storage app:

For even more comfort and ease, you can download LuggageHero’s bag storage app where you can see all our locations around Milan.

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Use a local shop (coffee shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, and stores) in Milan to store your luggage for as low as .

Also, LuggageHero uses only certified shops and provides insurance at over 30 different Luggage Storage Locations in Milan

Use our map to find the nearest certified shops

Click on the icons to get more info on locations, prices, and insurance. The map includes all locations from LuggageHero™.

Luggage Storage Milan

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Luggage storage with LuggageHero

Featured in Lonely Planet and New York Times.

LuggageHero offers a storage option in over 30 shops all over Milan which means you can stow away your belongings for hours or even days if you need to.

Easy, quick, budget-friendly

  • When using LuggageHero in Milan, you only pay €0.95/ hour. No worries, we always keep your budget in mind – you never pay more than €5.
  • This includes insurance with coverage of up to for each bag. There are no other hidden fees.
  • If you store your luggage for several days, you only pay a maximum of €5/bag on the first day and only €5/ day afterward.
  • You will only pay for the time you actually store your luggage. You don’t pay anything if you don’t show up for your booking.
  • Book online and receive your directions OR  download the app.

Safety is our no. 1 priority

Don’t leave just your bags behind, but also your worries. Each piece of luggage left in one of our LuggageHero locations in Milan is insured for up to per bag, the highest insurance coverage in the industry.

Half the price of station lockers and airport lockers

Luggage lockers, also called city lockers, are generally at least twice as expensive on a daily basis as LuggageHero’s luggage storage service. Until relatively recently, travelers could only stow their bags in these luggage lockers, which offer very little flexibility in regard to pricing and location. where to go and luggage deposit. Today, LuggageHero offers countless stores in various cities to ensure you always have the option of dropping off your luggage in a protected environment. Unlike luggage lockers in stations and airports, LuggageHero also offers both an hourly and daily rate for maximum flexibility. LuggageHero tries to offer safe and cheap luggage storage near you at all times.

Luggage storage facility for suitcase, baggage and odd-sized luggage

We check all our hotels and local shops in order for us to be able to offer space for whatever you need; ski equipment, photo equipment, backpacks or whatever. This is simply another method for us to give you the most flexible baggage storage, suitcase storage and luggage deposit.

Our service is similar to hotel luggage storage

Many travelers who have been customers at hotels have asked the staff at the reception if they could store their luggage until they depart the city later in the day. For the most part, we offer the same service for everyone – no matter if they stay at a hotel, Airbnb or anywhere else. We are always ready to help you out.

Quality-checked partner locations

Luggage storage sites are located inside existing businesses, including retail outlets, hotels, cafes, and more. All are vetted by LuggageHero’s local employee, who performs regular quality checks. Every piece of luggage is stored away from any public access.

Enjoy Milan with no time limit

If anything, you should be the boss of your own schedule while on vacation. This is why we have partnered up with locations that are open around the clock so that you can make the most of your visit without having to think of closing times.

Traveling with friends and family 

Traveling with friends or family? Then don’t pass up the chance to get a special discount for storing 10 or more pieces of luggage. Write us a quick message and you’re all set to go.

Four simple steps to leave your luggage with LuggageHero

  1. When booking online you are always guaranteed space
  2. Start the storage timer in your browser when arriving at the shop or use the link sent to you to access your booking page.
  3. Enjoy yourself in Milan!
  4. Pick up your luggage and stop the storage timer on your booking page.

Costs and Discount Voucher

  • per hour – maximum for the first 24 hours and €5 for each additional day including your free luggage storage insurance

Want to know more about LuggageHero? Get to know the concept by reading this FAQ and or by reading about the team behind it here.

Discount Vouchers – Click here to see if we have any available at the moment.

Luggage storage with LuggageHero in Milan

All these companies can offer you bag storage in Milan – We’ve listed them below:

Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral)

Duomo Luggage Storage

Located inside a pizzeria restaurant, this luggage service charges €4,5 per item stored. What you pay afterward for the pizza and pasta doesn’t count 🙂


Also located within a pizzeria restaurant, this left luggage service costs €5,66 per item per day (flat fee). A side note on using this service: before you can see any details such as address or reviews, you first need to create an account on their website.

  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 00:30 (Monday – Sunday)
  • Address: Piazza Dei Mercanti, 20123. Open in Google Maps

Luggage storage in Milan Airports

luggage storage in Milan Airports

Airport Malpensa

Renting a locker at the Malpensa will cost you €3,5 for a small bag or €4 for a larger one. The prices are calculated for a 24 hours period and you pay the full rate, even if you use the service for less than that.

  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 22:00
  • Location: Terminal 1 – Arrivals area

Airport Bergamo

Compared to most airports where you can find a left luggage service, the Bergamo airport in Milano is fairly accessible: you pay €5/ item/day.

  • Opening hours: 8:00 – 22:00
  • Location: Arrivals hall

Airport Linate

In the Milano Linate Airport, customers are charged a daily flat fee of either €4,5 or €5 per item.

  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 21:30
  • Location: Ground floor – Arrivals area

Luggage storage in Milano Centrale Railway Station (Stazione Milano Centrale)

Service provided by the station

Leaving your suitcases here will cost €3,5 per item for the first 5 hours, every additional hour adding another €0,6 to your bill. If you store your belongings for more than 12 hours, then starting with the 13th hour you only pay an additional €0,20. Be aware that you cannot store items bigger than 20kg or for more than 5 days.
Do transit points give you a headache when you try to orientate yourself? Here’s a map of the station to make things easier.

  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 00:00
  • Location: 2nd floor, in front of platforms 5 and 6


For the first 5 hours, you pay €6 per piece, every additional hour costing another €1. After the first 12 hours, you pay another €0,5/item/hour. There is a porter on-site every day from 9:00 to 19:00.

  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 23:00 (Monday – Sunday)
  • Location: Ground level, shopping gallery area, close to Piazza Luigi di Savoia

Stow Your Bags

The prices for these lockers vary according to both size of your bags and the time you use the service, and include a €0,5 service fee:
– Standard: €1,99/hour (prices vary for each additional hour) or €13,49/day
– Large: €2,99/hour (prices vary for each additional hour) or €18,49/day
Keep in mind that they only accept Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro cards and if you are late to pick up your bags, you will be charged an extra 50% as a penalty.

  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 23:00
  • Location: Via Giovanni Battista Pergolesi 22, 20124. Open in Google Maps

Luggage storage in Porta Garibaldi Train Station (Stazione Porta Garibaldi)

Deposito Bagagli

There is a left luggage point near the WC and newsstand at Garibaldi Train Station. Look for a sign that reads “deposito bagagli”.

Alternative: Luggage storage at museums and galleries in Milan

With countless sights to see, this North Italian City has a very active and diverse cultural life. However, it might be more difficult to enjoy it, if you suddenly find yourself unable to enter a place you’ve been dying to visit because of your trolley.

We’ve made a quick list of all the main tourist attractions in Milan and their locker situation so that you’re up-to-speed:

  • Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) – luggage is not permitted inside and handbags are thoroughly checked. An extra tip, be sure to be appropriately dressed (shoulders and legs covered) or else you will not be allowed to enter. You can read the regulations here.
  • Santa Maria Delle Grazie church (Chiesa Santa Maria Della Grazie), home of da Vinci’s The Last Supper – the church provides lockers for small bags, but be aware this might take some time. No aerosols or bottles are allowed inside
  • Brera Art Gallery (Pinacoteca di Brera) – you can deposit your bags in their lockers;
  • Sforzesco Castle (Castello Sforzesco) – you can also find lockers in the Sforzesco Castle (level -1) where you can also leave larger items
  • La Scala Opera House (Teatro Alla Scala) – they provide free bag deposit at the entrance, but be sure not to bring any backpacks
  • Fondazione Prada – purses are allowed inside, while larger items can be left in the cloakroom for free
  • Museo del Novecento – the museum has a bag drop-off area at the entrance
  • Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology (Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci) – the museum does not have a cloakroom, but it does have coin-operated lockers near the picnic area


Most hotels do offer to keep your bags for a few hours before your check-in or after checking out. Your best bet is to simply ask. If your hotel is a bit out of the way from your sightseeing itinerary or means of transportation, you’d want to consider a luggage storage service that is more conveniently located.


Why are you searching for luggage storage in Milan?

Maybe you have to check out of your Airbnb apartment, rental place, or hotel and your flight isn’t until tonight?

Or… You just arrived in Milan, ready to explore everything the city has to offer, but your rental place isn’t ready for you for 5 more hours? Most travelers have been in similar situations and experienced the struggle of luggage first hand.

Milan offers a range of possibilities when it comes to luggage storage and we have gathered everything into this guide to help you.

Therefore there is no reason for you to carry around heavy luggage when you should be enjoying the diverse cultural life.

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FAQ about luggage storage in Milan

Here are some of the most often asked questions and answers on storing luggage in Milan.

Where can I leave my suitcase in Milan?

There are many storage lockers in Milan. Most train and bus stations provide facilities to store luggage. Also, nowadays there are numerous luggage storage companies that provide storage lockers all over Milan. It is therefore easy to find luggage storage nearby if you have access to the internet.

Is there luggage storage at Milan train station?

Unfortunately, there are no luggage lockers at Milan central station. Luggage storage is instead provided by the shopping gallery, on the ground floor.

Can you store luggage at Milan airport?

There is a monitored baggage storage area at Milano Malpensa Airport by the Arrivals area B at Terminal 1, level. The price is €3.50 for a small item and €4.00 for a larger item for a 24 hour period.