Your guide to finding cheap flights in 2022
Your guide to finding cheap flights in 2022
Last updated: Jan 11, 2022 · 4 min read

Is your budget tight but dreams big?

 It is frustrating when our dreams have to be put on pause as we save up money for our next holiday. Everyone should have the opportunity to travel to their dream destination. How can we do that when the plane tickets are often so monstrously expensive? Don’t even get me started on the prices for checked in luggage… or even sometimes the price to pick your own seat on the plane. 

Why are plane tickets sometimes so expensive?

The reason tickets can be so expensive is that while it is in the airlines’ best interest to make sure people can afford to fly with them, they also need to find the right balance between (a) making sure they fill up a flight; and (b) earning enough money to justify all the costs that go into operating the journey.

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At times, it really seems like the only option is to stay home and put our dreams on pause. However, that doesn’t have to be the case – cheap plane tickets do exist and are closer to you than you think. 

Your guide to finding cheap plane tickets

To make traveling a bit easier, we created a guide on how to find cheap plane tickets, followed by a ranking of the cheapest US airlines. Don’t let your budget stop your dreams – take a look at our guide right here.

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The above-mentioned sixth step could be a great start for your search. However, we wanted to gather even more information and make it almost impossible for you not to find a good deal. That is why we turned to some of our favorite bloggers where we thought we could find extra tips and insider information into how to get the cheapest flight tickets.

Here is what we found:

1. The three best sites to find cheap flights 

According to Andy from Andy’s Travel Blog, the best sites to find cheap flight tickets are The Flight Deal, Google Flights and the Mileage Run Deals forum. Andy gives great insight into finding cheap flights, but he also warns that there is no way to really know when the deals will pop up or how long they will last. Further, if your dates aren’t flexible, there is not much you can do other than wait and hope for the best.

2. All about the best value

Caroline and Craig from Y Travel Blog, share some insider tips that are definitely worth mentioning. According to them, finding cheap tickets isn’t really about the price but rather about the best value. By having two young kids, the couple has learned that late-night stopovers and budget facilities can really ruin an experience.

The journey is not always half the fun. Know your priorities, comfort levels and budget and make an informed decision – sometimes a bit of sanity is worth the extra cost.”

3. Flying to or from an airport nearby instead of the main one

Alexander Waltner, also known as the Swedish Nomad, offers the helpful advice of looking for an alternative airport. Big airports often also mean big fees, which is why looking at the ones nearby is definitely worth a try. London is a great example where Heathrow is the main airport, but Stansted and Gatwick often have cheaper flights and budget airlines.

4. Sign up for alerts.

Miriam from Adventurous Miriam gives us the idea to sign up for alerts. She recommends signing up for alerts as all you have to do is just select which dates you would like your outbound and inbound flights to be on. Once you’ve done this, emails will be sent to you every so often in the lead-up to your ideal departure date informing you of any cheap seats that have been made available.

5. Credit Card Travel Rewards

Russell Hannon from Break the Travel Barrier gives us the

idea of using your credit card for travel rewards. He recommends you first identify 3 common travel credit c

ard benefits that you most desire, and get the card that has the best combination of those benefits. Then do the same for your second card, but this time choose three other benefits not offered by your first card.

We hope these tips have inspired you to find the best deals out there. To help you finalize your choice we found the cheapest US airlines provided by Lendedu and put them in the graph below 👇

Ranking the cheapest US Airlines 2020


Plan your trip

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