How to travel safely and have fun this Thanksgiving
How to travel safely and have fun this Thanksgiving
Last updated: Nov 16, 2020 · 4 min read

How to travel safely and have fun this Thanksgiving

Every year on the fourth Thursday in November, American families and friends gather around the table to share delicious food and enjoy (we hope) one another’s company. This year, though, the holiday comes with a twist. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep it safe and take care of yourself – and each other! Whether you choose to stay home for Thanksgiving or travel to friends and family (where allowed and recommended), we bring you some ideas to stay safe, and also have fun!

Today we wanted to share with you some tips and tricks you should apply when traveling this Thanksgiving. For our Europeans travelers – do not worry! Just because you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the coziyness of autumn. The colors of this season, the magic golden light of the sun during fall and the sweater weather make us want to get out. From leaf peeping to outdoor travel experiences, you can apply the same tips for a safe trip anywhere you are.

Safety tips for a safe trip

While traveling

We already know all the procedures and recommendations we must follow: social distancing, hygiene, hand sanitizer, avoid crowds… This still applies when traveling!

If you are taking public transport to your destination for this Thanksgiving, keep in mind that you will need to be aware of surfaces: seat armrests, trays, handles, etc. For this, try and pack the essentials:

  • From the beginning of the pandemic, multiple airlines lifted the liquid carry-on restrictions to allow more than 12 ounces (100 ml) of hand sanitizer, so remember to take it with you!
  • Sanitizing wipes could also be a good idea to wipe down any surface really quickly. Just remember to dispose of your wipe afterwards.
  • Masks. Wear them and pack extras.

We recommend that you use your own vehicle when traveling, if possible. It is safer since you won’t be sharing the space with someone new. Keep in mind that it would be safer to travel with those whom you share your home, or your small social bubble. In terms of resting along the way, remember to put into practice our tips for public transportation, mentioned above.

Keep an eye on your destination: what regulations and restrictions it has, if you need to quarantine yourself or bring a COVID-19 negative test done beforehand, curfew, etc. Treat it like you’re traveling overseas: would you go to Japan from the States without any previous preparation?


Where to go and where to stay

The safest bet for a safe trip is to visit places that aren’t crowded. Backpacking, hiking, camping… Nature presents so many wonderful and beautiful experiences for you to enjoy!

When deciding where to stay, short-term accommodations are preferred over hotels, according to our findings in our last COVID-19 travel sentiment report. We learned that travelers prefer it that way because it allows them to practice proper hygiene and risk management. Only 13% of the respondents think that hotels are a better option.

But of course we understand that Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to see your loved ones. Let’s keep them safe as well! CDC recommendations are worth taking into consideration when meeting friends and family:

    • Consider the number of COVID-19 cases of the places you’re visiting. Maybe it’s a good idea to have your parents over instead of going to their town this year!
    • Try to gather at outdoor places, or at least choose indoor possibilities with a good ventilation system and enough space to keep distance with each other.
    • Limit the number of attendants, and remember to keep a 6- foot distance, wear masks, use hand sanitizer and wash your hands regularly.
    • Prior gatherings: CDC points out that those that didn’t adhere to COVID-19 recommendations and preventive behavior pose more risk.
    • The use of alcohol and drugs may alter your judgment, making it difficult to put into practice all the measures you already know about.


Thanksgiving at home

Another alternative could be celebrating Thanksgiving at home. It can be just as cozy, lovely and festive!

We want to share with you some fun ideas you can do at home:

  • Treasure hunt. Think about Easter. Think about the Bunny. Now, give it a twist! You can have a fun treasure hunt for the little ones (and not that little!) with a Turkey as the Easter Bunny! Who can say no to chocolates!?
  • Arts and crafts. Always a fun activity! Take advantage of the Autumn season, and collect some pinecones, chestnuts, leaves, some glue, some glitter, and boom! You can make some pilgrim hats, garlands, beautiful centerpieces….
  • Cook. You can make your traditional Thanksgiving dinner, of course. Or… You can give it a fun twist! You can add a dish or a recipe from a foreign country you hope to visit as soon as you can, or that you planned on visiting this year.


The whole LuggageHero family wants to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Take care, enjoy the holidays, and have fun!

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